Vietnamese-American designer Peter Do has a lot in store for New York Fashion Week this season. An announcement about an unexpected collaboration with K-Pop SM Entertainment accompanies the news that the line is debuting a menswear/genderless collection. The upcoming NYFW show is shaping up to be nothing short of surprising.

Credit: Financial Times

Taking to Instagram, Peter Do teases us with the upcoming partnership in a short black and white video. The only information on offer is a picture of white boxes, scribbled with hearts; stamped with the New York label’s and SM Entertainment’s emblem.

“Peter Do x SM Town … 8 days til the show” the caption reads. As if it could be anymore ominous, the post truly leaves us wondering, simmering with anticipation for what’s to come.

Credit: Hypebae

If you’ve been keeping up with the slew of Instagram posts you would have also noticed that K-Pop star Johnny Suh from NCT has already had a fitting. With the label dressing him for the Met Gala, we can be expect to see Korean star at the upcoming presentation.


The collaboration could be part of the fashion show, or it could be K-Pop themed merchandising or simply part of the show’s invite. 8 days from now, our questions are sure to receive some answers.

The surprises don’t stop there, however. The designer also reveals the launch of menswear and unisex collection for Spring/Summer 2023. We’ve already been given a sneak peek of some of the silhouettes on the brand’s Instagram.

Credit: Highxtar

Instead of rethinking an entirely new aesthetic for the menswear line, Do expands a pre-existing vision. Rethinking traditional elements of several core pieces, proportions and accessories will be reconstructed to better suit broader shoulders and narrower hips.

Generally, the ethos of the house is preoccupied with womenswear. Although, it does so from a menswear perspective, materialising in feminine silhouettes. Thus, Do’s vision is ambitious. It hopes to win the hearts of many more by accommodating both genders. And the overall aesthetic is masculine – yet genderless. Do tells the Financial Times,

“If a garment allows you to adjust and adapt then you don’t have to constantly seek out newness […] The wardrobe is really meant to be shared,”

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