;Cartier reveals its Panthère de Cartier chain purse modelled by Lily Collins – the global face of its new jewellery and handbag collections. The collaboration between Cartier’s design studio and its High Jewelry sculptors demonstrates an exquisite expertise in both jewellery and fine leather creations.

Credit: Hypebae

La Panthère, the panther, is the emblematic feline of Cartier, marking the bags with her magnetic energy from within. Leaping into Cartier’s aesthetic in 1914 as a panther-pelt patterned wristwatch, the legendary creature has since revealed its multidimensional spirit from collection to collection. It’s this multidimensionality that is mirrored in Lily Collins herself as she expresses an undeniable multi-faceted personality.

About the Collection

In Cartier’s latest offering, combinations of leather and the label’s signature feline motif reproduces the magnetic spirit of the panther. Rather than imitating, the collection pays homage to the animals fluidity, exuding a feeling of an undetectable feline movement. This is realised in the softness of the curves which grace the top flap and in the sculptural structure of its exaggerated form and chain handles.

Credit: The Laterals

Elegance meets boldness in the design. The bag’s seamless minimalism becomes the backdrop for a powerful statement lock – a graphic Panthère head. With an intense anatomical understanding of the animal, Cartier had developed the graphic style approach which birthed the geometric panther. The simplistic dimensions of the panther in many ways rejuvenates the momentus motif for the 21st-century woman.

Additionally, the leatherwork of the collection is waved with a grain and subtle shine. The bags are subject to an artisanal process which leads to this waved-grain leather known as Palmellato.

A Versatile Option

The Panthère pieces keep versatility in mind. The bag works as a crossbody and over the shoulder item. They also come in two sizes – mini and small. Additionally, the structure and functionality take priority as the handbag includes a signature pocket with a removable mirror.

it comes in six colour ways. These include black, navy blue, petrol blue, red, creamy white, beige or yellow iterations. The bag literally becomes an extension of femininity. Director of Accessory and Leather Goods Design, Marlin Yuson, says,

“It synthesises the combined expertise of jewelry and leather and, through the dialogue of the craftspeople, enables us to advance our understanding of leather goods,”

A Panther with Character

Credit: Hypebae

Now more than ever, the panther is an undeniable source of inspiration for designers. The Panthère de Cartier chain purse imbues it’s magnetism. This is sure to reflect on those who wear it; proving it’s not just a bag, but an attitude.

As Collins affirms, “For me, being part of the Cartier family means joining a community of unique nonconformists who show great strength of character.”

Cartier breathes life into the panther, embracing its fierce personality. It lures indestructible, independent women to embrace the animal’s ferocious character. Thus, urging one to appreciate the underlying liberation of individuality.

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