TOMBOGO is back to breaking the traditional rules of runway show again. The newest collection for the SS23 season is making its debut at the famous LaGuardia High School in New York City.

Credit: Hypebeast

Tommy Bogo of TOMBOGO is an L.A.-based designer. He creates multifunctional and versatile workwear that emphasises sustainable practices.

Bogo considers nature as his inspiration and the brand’s core ethos is environmentally friendly. His first debut at New York Fashion Week with a Spring/Summer 2022 collection. And this time, the “For The Truant & The Fluent” collection brings back the high school experience and memory.

“Considering this is my fourth New York Fashion Week, it felt like a senior year moment to me,” said Bogo. “That’s where the school theme started and thinking about where I start. That place in time always holds a special meaning to me.”

Credit: Hypebeast

Focus pieces drawn from high school experiences include bungee shirts and skirts inspired by hiking backpacks, button-down shirts made from notebook paper, gradient-print pants, and crocheted knit shirts inspired by baseball uniforms.

Elsewhere within the collection, his characteristic multi-pocket pants and knitwear show up along with two-toned varsity jackets, utilitarian runner vests made from recycled materials, and knitwear. The collection also includes new accessories such as hats, handbags, and sunglasses.

Instead of a traditional runway, the models showcase the collection in a place that would usually be filled with students. Other elements that will appear at high schools such as blackboards, classroom desks and chairs and lecterns are on the side.

Credit: Hypebeast

After the impressive presentation, there is also a skit following behind showing the diverse personalities of high school.

Bogo says, “With the skit, I felt there was too much to be said about the experience of being in high school to just walk in a circle. So that was my way of bringing the show and collection to life.”

Guapdad 4000, Teezo Touchdown, Joyce Wrice and other models play as students perfectly during the show. They take their seats and simulate the first day of class. And take the attendance and poke fun at the teacher. They also take a class photo with Tommy Bogo at the end.

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