“This is the best work I’ve ever done hands down; I’ve put everything into this” says Chris of What So Not. His Sophmore Album, “Anomaly”, is a tantalizing innovation.

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Recently Fashion Industry Broadcast was lucky enough to sit down and chat with legendary Aussie producer What So Not (Chris). Set to release September 16th; “Anomaly” features an impressive variety of collabs. “Anomaly” effortlessly steps outside the norm, with features stemming from the likes of Oliver Tree, DMAS and many more; the sophomore album ventures into an innovative portrayal of a different side of Chris.

Setting the Tone

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The 11-track album packs in incredible skill as the Aussie producer flexes lush, spine-tingling walls of synths and scintillating electronic soundscapes. At 51 seconds long, the opening track “Alive” does a tremendous job of setting the tone for the album.

The lyrics repetitively sing ‘make me feel alive’, building layers of synths that swirl into an intoxicating atmosphere. As one almost expects a drop, you’re greeted with the silence of the track as it carries you into the album-titled track “anomaly”. This building momentum creates a tension that edges the audience for what is to come. Chris describes this as he says;

I think “Alive” that opening song, birthed the following song, and I wanted it portrayed like that… I feel like somehting grabbed me and just rattled me and thats how “Alive” was created.

I didnt even know I could sing like that, I just let go everything and it just happpened… I didnt even know it was possible. That to me is what this album is; its going and trying to tackle things you didnt even consider possible.” 

The synthesis and crescendoing vocals bleed right into “Anomaly” (Feat. AY AY). The self-titled track begins with light tones of synth creating a mysterious ethereal atmosphere before almost immediately exploding with a deep, rich resonating base that leaves goosebumps at the heightened intensity of the song.

Our Existence is an Anomaly


On a surface level, anomaly means to deviate from what is standard, normal, or expected. Through the creation of this album, Chris shares insight into “Anomaly”. He says:

The title of this album came to me before I’d even finished my first album… An anomaly to me means all of our existence. Theres a whole storyline behind this album…ive actually been working on this 3D animated film for about 3 years and this album is the scorch of the film and theres this whole story for each individual single. You can see it play out in a couple of the singles so far.

In terms of anomaly itself, I think our existence is an anomaly and we all have the ability to do things that we dont really grasp and sometimes… are not even aware of whats possible for us.”

What Fans Can Expect

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The beauty of this album features such versatility, with immersive electronica, sonority, lyricism and downtempo; no two songs are alike. Track three; “Mr Regular” (Feat. Oliver Tree & Killer Mike), is sublimely indifferent thanks to the quirks of Oliver Trees’ unique voice. During the interview, Chris mentions the exceptional ability of Oliver Tree as he says:

“that verse he did, was a complete freestyle. He freestyled that whole thing in one take… after he just heard the production for the first time.”

Reining in at track no. four; “The Change” (feat. DMAS) incorporates an infectious groove that showcases a side of DMAS that some may not be familiar with. The fast tempo beat and the almost talk-like style of singing create a symphony of orchestrating beats that blend perfectly with playful synths and stomping choruses. The billowing grooves of this track will have audiences ready for the sweaty intimacy of moshes.

Tracks such as “Messin’ Me Up” (Feat. EVAN GIIA) and “Bad Piano” (Feat. Body Ocean & Lucy Lucy) offer a nice contrast, staying true to What so Not’s production style. Showcasing layers of bass, soaring synths, and epic chants, all building to a giant crescendo. With a sparse, sombre start, songs such as “Messin’ Me up” give way to an operatic explosion of vocals and instruments.

Looking Back


This album demonstrates a different side of the Aussie producers’ skills. Often enough our experiences mould our perception of things. When asked how he has experimented with his latest album, Chris says:

I went to festivals as an attendee not as a performer; or if I preformed id go and camp with everyone like all weekend and just hang out. Just connecting with reality again…  so much of this career you’re just thrown around the world not really seeing anything not really being…

I got invited into so many amazing micro communities around the world doing all kinds of different things and visual spatial music spaces, thinkers’, philosophers whoever they may be and it really birth the creation of this album. Then covid was the time I just could sit and think a craft and hone in on this and that’s what I did for those couple years.

Looking back Chris’ work has developed tremendously throughout the years. His work with Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns is said to give the Aussie producer lots of confidence. Since working with someone as diverse in their music calibre as Daniel Johns, Chris reflects, saying:

I would say I am a lot more sound in my ideas, one thing he said to me once that really resonated was; man, just be confident in what you did, you don’t have to smother the ideas with more ideas. And that you know the key to simplicity in music.

Even with songwriting, I would be a little too exact about lyrics and he d say man it doesn’t have to make sense just feel right.

What So Not’s Epic Presave Offer

As a nod to his global audience, What So Not has offered to fly anywhere in the world to play a set at a house party, and anyone who pre-saves the album is eligible to win. As a way of connecting with his audience Chris explains his whole idea behind this as he said;

I did seven house parties in one night, we just got a sprinter van and went around from wollongong up to the northern beaches and back down.That was really the inspiration for this, I saw how important it is to connect with the local communities and whoever is you know throwing the cool events, throwing down in amazing sets in the local area and i think that’s where you find some of the best stuff.

With a sweltering array of features and infectious festival-ready tunes, What So Not’s sophomore album “Anomaly” is a new era for the Aussie producer, featuring some of his best work yet.

“Anomaly” is available to stream from today, September 15.

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