For the Youth by the Youth; Insighting change from the most unlikely of places.

Credit: @Fragileminds Instagram

Ethically made and curated from scratch; Sydney- based designer Josh Lee, is changing our perception of what it means to be a young creative in the fashion industry.

Fragile Minds independently operates from Josh’s home in Sydney. In hopes of provoking new thoughts and perspectives, each garment exposes certain fragilities that are currently relevant in today’s world.

Reflection of Fragile Minds

Credit: @Fragileminds Instagram

In an interview, the Fragile Minds innovator shares the creative process behind each collection, he says;

“Everytime something signifiant happens in my life, I’ll write a reflection on that certain thing that happened to me. Majority of my collections are based off reflections that I’ve had.”

The goal of Fragile is to provide financial incentives to independent designers by creating a physical community and space where they can work with one another.

Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle

In a recent collab with Aison Andér (pronounced Ayson Ahn-Dur), incorporates pieces from Fragile Minds’ first collection and repurposes them for a new path. The “OUR FANTASIES REMAIN” collection explores the concept of alternate realities. At its core, the collection questions “what if we hadn’t taken the path we are currently on?”.

Fragile Minds x AISON | Credit: AISON ANDÉR

This thought-provoking collection is a cutting-edge approach to ethical, sustainable fashion. Fragile Minds’ efforts to construct a self-sustaining community invites people to freely create without worry about survival.

In an interview, Josh expresses what has influenced his style and idea of what hed like to see in mens fashion. He says;

“I was heavily influenced by the 80’s skate scene – you know, the baggy era of oversized clothes and chunky shoes.-There’s this stigma that men just wear a shirt and pants, but there’s so much more to it. I’d like to see more diversity in the textures and patterns of fabrication used to make garments.”

What’s Next?

Credit: @fragileminds Instagram

Recently announced, the Fragile Minds creative posted the installment of the brands sixth collection. Set to launch on the 23rd this August, the post teases a first glimp into the new collection. It features an overlay of different materials and textures adorned with the classic printing of the brands name.

Seemingly, theres no slowing down for the Sydney-based designer. Fragile Minds is one to keep an eye on for Sydneys emerging innovators. True to their words upon their website;

Fragile is not just another brand, it’s a movement for todays creatives.. “Made from scratch!”

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