In recent news: Johnny Depp is directing his first film in over two decades. But it doesn’t end there. Producing the film is another of the public’s most loved celebrities- none other than Al Pacino.

Credit: Deadline

It has come to the media’s attention that Johnny Depp is preparing to direct his first film since his directorial debut, “The Brave” in 1997. The late 90’s film, starring Depp and Marlon Brando, took the media by surprise. And in consideration of its success, the 59-year-old actor is now returning to the directorial spotlight. Depp is teaming up with Al Pacino, who will be co-producing a new biopic with well-known producer, Barry Navidi.

Adapted for the Screen

The film, ‘Modigliani’ follows the story of the Italian artist, Amedeo Modigliani. It is based predominantly on Dennis McIntyre. It is now set to appear on the screen, coming to us by Jerzy and Mary Kromolowski.

Credit: Deadline

“Filming will start in the spring of 2023 in Europe, however, the cast has yet to be unveiled,” as per HOLA Magazine. 

This upcoming film will be based off the artist and gives audiences around the world a glimpse of the life of Modigliani in Paris during 1916. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that, “long considered by himself a critical and commercial failure, Modigliani navigates a turbulent and eventful 48 hours that will become a turning point in his life, ultimately solidifying his reputation as an artistic legend.”

Depp’s Skill on Display

The actor recently showed his skills as a painter and an entrepreneur in the art world,

Depp’s skills were on show recently as he reveals his talent within the art world. This is following the release of 780 prints at the Castle Fine Art gallery in London.

Credit: Deadline

The film draws inspiration from pop culture and icons which have been impactful on Depp. The public took a particular liking to his artworks. His prints sold out almost immediately after becoming available.

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