TikTok sensation, Anna Paul, is inspiring us all to be ourselves, and her response to the drama of her recent meet and greet is showing us how down-to-earth the Onlyfans star really is. She isn’t here for fame, she’s just here for a good time and hopefully a long time.

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TikTok is a platform for rising of new stars. After all, history shows that the virtual world always brings stars into light, especially Tiktok. From Charli D’amelio to our favourite Italian/American duo, Carlo and Sarah, lots of ordinary people are coming into fame.

However, we never expected an Australian girl with an overwhelming amount of confidence to become a worldwide obsession. “With a fiercely loyal fan base that seems to defy age and geographical location, Anna’s candid nature and fun-loving spirit has seen her attract attention from every corner of the world,” says ELLE Magazine, and we couldn’t put it better ourselves.

Who is Anna?

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Anna Paul currently has 2 million Instagram followers, 5.1 million TikTok followers and is listed in the top 0.01% of all Only fans creators. So there’s no need to question how big her fanbase really is.

But in case you aren’t already part of these followers, we’re going to provide a rundown of everything Anna Paul.

Anna Paul is a 23-year-old Australian social media star. She, along with her brother, Atis Paul, is of Turkish and German descent, giving them a European look.

Growing up in a financially unstable household left Anna missing out on experiences; revealing in a video that she didn’t come from money. Her family of four often lived on $30 a week until she was 18 years old.

“We grew up not having a lot of money,” she says in an interview with Studio 10 back in 2021. “But our family life was always so amazing so it didn’t matter that much. We couldn’t do a lot of stuff because we didn’t have the money.”

When Anna was 19, her TikTok account began to reel in followers due to a video of the laundry chute in her bedroom (which turned viral), she told news.com.au in 2018. And this is where it began, this is where Anna Paul started growing her account on the platform.

“It was weird, but that’s when I was like, ‘Oh wow, this could be something’,” Anna explains to news.com.au. “Even though it was only one little viral video I thought, wow this is a new way to get noticed.”

A Tiktok Craze

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And if you saw her account now, a laundry shoot is definitely not what you would find. Now that Anna had become a TikTok craze, her Instagram and TikTok accounts are full of day-in-the-life vlogs, travel experiences, food reviews and most importantly, her boyfriend, childhood sweetheart, cameraman and producer, Glen Thomson.

But as we said, she isn’t here for the fame – despite her being one of Australia’s biggest stars, she is never seen with a entourage like the Kardashians. Instead, Anna keeps her circle small, mostly just seen with Glen, her parents and her brother, Atis. And we’re here for it!

How Did She Become Famous?

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Although she claims that her success in the virtual world has been ‘random’, it seems that she is an expert in content creation – and this could be thanks to her Onlyfans. It’s no secret that Anna built herself up to the top on Onlyfans. And as the top creator in Australia, she feels no shame, explaining on social media multiple times that her official job title is a sex worker. And while she receives a lot of backlash for promoting the field of work, we think her confidence and self-assurance are her most admirable qualities. According to ELLE Magazine, “in this video, she goes into more detail about her work and takes her followers on a trip to the sex shop to grab more supplies for one of her videos.”

“I am one of the top Only Fans creators in Australia. That’s what I do, I love it and it’s my favourite job in the world,” she says.

“shes so open abt it i love her sm,” one fan writes.

“i love how she exists separately from her job online and isn’t just over sexualized,” says another fan.

“I love how chill you are about it,” fans agreed, to which Anna responds: “Of course!! I’m very grateful that everyone in my life accepts the job I do, So I’m able to talk about it freely.”

Anna Paul’s current net worth is approximately $6-7 million AUD.

Anna Paul’s Meet and Greet?

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So, considering the size of her fan base, it’s only appropriate that Anna give the people what they want most – to meet her.

On the 27th and 28th of August, Anna made her way around her home country, Australia, hosting a meet and greet event to promote her collaboration with the activewear brand, Stax. However, it was smooth sailing until the star arrived in Perth.

Underestimating just how loved she is, along with her boyfriend and brother, Anna revealed after her Sydney show that she was shocked at the turnout, expecting no more than 100 people. So, in spite of the big crowds in Sydney, the iconic trio were prompted to hire extra security for the Perth event, but this didn’t prevent much.

Anna took to Instagram, informing fans that police had made the decision to shut down the event 20 minutes in due to safety concerns. Anna said officers told her that “they had never seen anything like this” and that the numbers were close to that of a “Justin Bieber” concert. “Police also allegedly told her that she may have to register future events as a festival and enforce paid tickets in order to avoid a similar situation,” as per ELLE Magazine.

Outrage Breaks Out

CREDIT: The West Australian

This is where the outrage broke out. Perth fans were furious with the cancellation, especially those who were there for hours to be guaranteed a chance to meet the TikTok star.

“So Anna Paul, we still love you but f**k you Stax for not knowing how to organise an event because we asked all the cops and rangers and they had no clue there was an event happening,” one person says on TikTok.

“I’m absolutely disgusted at the events that had happened at Anna Paul’s meet and greet. People were throwing food at people and making deodorant bombs. it got to the point where people were passing out and allegedly (having) seizures,” said another fan.

However, the star has once again proven her compassion for her fans, releasing a video since the Perth fiasco, apologising and reiterating that the safety of her fans will always be her, Glen’s and Atis’ number one priority.

“The most important thing out of this whole experience is that nobody got seriously injured. That’s all we cared about,” she said.

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