Welcome back to FIB’s Weekly Drop List! Here are the hottest new releases to check out this week!

Photo credit: BLACKPINK

This week on the drop list, we see the latest from Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, Sony, BlackPink and more!

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “F&F Yellow”

Photo credit: Hypebeast

Travis Scott, now a major presence in the sneaker world, has released a new colourway to his Air Jordan 6 series. The “F&F Yellow” is bold, bright and apparently going to be an extremely rare find for sneakerheads out there. 

The luminous mustard hues cover the suede uppers of the shoe, with the signature Travis Scott stash pocket making a blazing return. From embroidery detailing on the heel to the construction of the shoe itself, everything is quite similar to his last colourway “British Khaki”- everything except the colour. 

Unfortunately, this saffron shoe will be hard to find for Travis Scott sneaker fans, as only a few ‘friends and family’ pairs are known to exist.

The Return of The Karate Kid

Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

Next up on the drop list: Sony has officially announced that The Karate Kid is returning to the big screen! Scheduled to premiere in June of 2024, this new version of the Karate Kid is the newest reproduction since the 2010 Jaden Smith remake. 

While Cobra Kai on Netflix became a popular series spin-off from the iconic Karate Kid series of the 80’s, there is no connection between the show and this announcement. Co-creator of Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz tweeted, “The guys and I would love to make Karate Kid and Cobra Kai movies and hope to someday. But this one isn’t from us or focused on the Cobra Kai cast.” 

Keep Mr Miyagi and the baby-face of Ralph Macchio in your thoughts, and get ready for the newest version of ‘wax on, wax off’.

Tyomi’s ‘Cowgirl Workout’

Photo credit: Hypebae

Sexologist and sexpert Tyomi Morgan has produced the newest form of workout- a sexual pleasure circuit. The ‘Cowgirl Workout’ focuses on sex-positivity and helping the femme body improve it’s sexual prowess. 

Morgan has expressed that this workout is about “freedom, confidence and overall pleasure”, and contains workout techniques such as breathing control and hip isolation. As Tyomi expresses, “No matter what caused the disconnect, I can assist you with bridging the gap and removing your blocks to bliss.” The ‘Cowgirl Workout’ is now available as membership on Tyomi’s website, so get going for the ride of a lifetime.

BLACKPINK Drops Second Album “Born Pink”

Photo credit: BLACKPINK

Our most exciting addition to the drop list is the highly anticipated second album from world-renowned K-Pop group BLACKPINK has finally been released!

Hit single ‘Pink Venom’ is included in the curated list of 8 songs and is led by the title track ‘Shut down’. The accompanying music video for ‘Shut Down’ features extreme glitz and glam, with inclusion of a bedazzled army tank and shiny pink Lamborghini. Dancing with the skill and rainy setting of Step Up 3, the new music video shows edge and drama, encompassing the themes of the album to a tee. 

Check out the new album now available on Spotify and take a look at the ‘Shut Down’ music video below!

iPhone IOS16 Update

Photo credit: Apple

The new IOS16 update for all iPhone users out there is life-changing for many. You can now edit and un-send texts. Perfect for drunk texters, bad spellers and the regretful paragraph sender, this new update allows for mistakes to be made (and fixed!).

There are a couple of time constraints to edits and un-sending though. You’re now able to edit a text up to five times in the first 15 minutes of sending (perfect for those that usually have an eraser on standby). For un-sending a text without notifying the receiver, you’ve got a whole two minutes, so if you feel that instant icky sense of regret, you’ve got options.

As Miley Cyrus preaches, everyone makes mistakes, and IOS16 is now our best, drama-free friend!

P.S. For all the gaslighters out there, you can now switch lock screens as well!

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