Pokémon transitions into the world of luxury as it announces its collaboration with Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. Intrigued? So are we!

Credit: Balmain

Pokemon x Balmain draws its inspiration from the fashion house’s energetic allure and bold aesthetic. And the “Pokémon x Balmain Trainer Fashion Set” is something to be excited about. Even better – the brand is making sure to tailor the collection to accommodate the game’s Japanese origins in hope that the franchise’s love for imagination and playfulness will come through.

Bright Pop Aesthetic

“Pokémon’s bright pop aesthetic and captivating creatures have always appealed to me,” Balmain’s decade long creative director, Rousteing, shares. “Today, they make me think of an earlier, simpler time, when we all shared a rosy vision of all the positive changes that we were certain that digital innovations would make possible. And that’s a key reason why I’m so happy to partner with Pokémon on this collection — because, right now, we could all use a reminder of those past moments of hope and optimism.”

Credit: Balmain

The collaborative collection is set to showcase a range of pieces for the Pokémon community, blending the franchise’s iconography with signature Balmain clothing, accessories and footwear, as per Hypebae.

The Main Event

But the main event in this collection is the Pokémon-inspired Balmain B-Bold sneakers. Styled in a mix of the well-known colours of the game – yellow, red, black and cream, as a play on an iconic Poké Ball, of course.

Credit: Balmain

And, don’t fall off your seats too fast because the collection doesn’t end there. As the collaboration is in partnership with SharpEnd, at selected stores 15 NFC-enabled badges will be available. The badges? Well they’ll grant customers access to a unique dual-partnership experience. 

“It also includes a chance to win VIP tickets to the upcoming Balmain Festival during Paris Fashion Week and immediate access to the Balmain Fashion set in Pokémon UNITE,” an article from Hypebeast continues to explain. 

The “Pokémon x Balmain Trainer Fashion Set” has just become available on Balmain’s website, and it can also be digitally accessed through the Pokémon UNITE app.

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