Afterpay, founded in Sydney in 2015, is a widely successful shopping platform that recently acquired 5 trendsetter designers in its first-ever NFT collection. In a constantly changing world, are NFT’s the answer to future fashion week promotion?

Credit: Vogue Business

NFT (or Non-fungible tokens) more or less means that the included artwork is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. These collectables are all designed as different keys which unlock events and limited-edition designer products. This allows consumers to immerse themselves into each designer’s diverse world. The 5 keys work as collectables. They also unlock access to real-world Fashion Week experiences and products. Are NFT’s the future of Fashion Week?

The Collection

Credit: Charged Retail

The Afterpay NFTs include those by ALTU, Only child, Jonathan Simkai, KIM Shui and The Blonds. ALTU- unlocks the brand’s NFT. Once minted, it also unlocked the user’s choice of a tote and oversize t-shirt or annual membership to one of New York City’s premiere art museums.

An only child unlocked the Ticket to an OnlyChild NYFW afterparty event or Limited edition signature leather Lignum Vitae pouch.

Jonathan Simkai unlocked an invitation to a private meet and greet with Jonathan at his flagship store or an exclusive signed and numbered print of a sketch from the upcoming runway collection.

Kim Shui unlocked a ticket to Kim Shui’s NYFW runway show or a Kim Shui Hoodie featuring a dragon motif in an oversized fit.

And The Blonds offered a ticket to The Blonds’ after party following their show at New York Fashion Week. This, or a signed copy of The Blond’s new book, “The Blonds: Glamour, Fashion, Fantasy”.

Interestingly, ULT cube 88 states that,

In a further step towards accessibility, there are a limited number of NFTs offered up for free. This free offering is the ‘Afterpay Key’, designed by 3D artist Amy Kilner. Owning this ‘key’ gives you a six-month free trial of Tidal HiFi Plus, access to an NYFW close-friends Instagram group, and an invitation to NYFW: The Talks sessions.

The world is already full of blockchain, cryptocurrency and ever-changing social trends. But can this Afterpay innovation bring about change? Or just result in another form of consumerism?

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