The iconic New York-based designer Peter Do has announced a collaboration with the famous Kpop entertainment company – SM Entertainment. Aside from previous collaboration with NCT’s JOHNNY at Met Gala, this time Peter Do casts another NCT member – JENO. Not only as the guest of the New York Fashion Week, but also as the first-ever Kpop idol to open the runway.

Credit: Rolling Stone

The Peter Do’s SS23 collection made its debut at NYFW SS23-23 this September. The collaboration with NCT’s JENO is the brand’s first-ever menswear debut.

“In pursuit of completing the Peter Do universe, people have always told us, ‘It’s about time that you launched men’s!,’ although men have been wearing Peter Do for some time now.” Do says.

“Now I’m excited to say that Peter Do is for everyone, because we don’t just dress women or men, we dress people.”

“This season, I was thinking about how we always seem to be running out of time in this industry. As a designer and brand, we are always living in the future and never in the present,” The runway demonstrates the past, present and future and presents 60 looks. The first-ever menswear collection brings menswear to the next level.

Simplistic Design

Although the colours are just simple black and white, the design and the details are one of a kind. The cutout details are the highlight of different parts such as the back and legs.

Credit: Instagram (@doxpeter)

As an unprofessional model walking on the runway for the first time, JENO finishes the job perfectly. Wearing a smoking tuxedo jacket that is stylishly fitted, wide-leg black slacks, and extremely high platform heels and leading the whole crew to begin the show is not easy.

Credit: Instagram (@leejen_o_423)

“Since it’s my first fashion show so I was really nervous but it is a very fun experience! I hope to have more experiences like this in the future” JENO says.

“It was a natural choice to have JENO open the show. JENO embodies the Peter Do man – multifaceted, confident, and a trailblazer.” Do explains in a press release.

Credit: Dazed

RED VELVET’s SEULGI and SM ROOKIES’ SHOHEI and EUNSEOK are also invited to the big show. Seulgi in the black dress with a special design stuns the audience, sitting off to the side. SHOHEI and EUNSEOK walk on the runway as models, presenting the classic Peter Do style – oversized white wrap and deep V-neck skims.

Credit: Instagram (@hi_sseulgi)

The Peter Do x SM Entertainment collaboration certainly caused a sensation in the Kpop and fashion industry. The first-ever decision to make a Kpop star open the show rather than just a guest or ambassador, showing the perfect crossover in two fields and we are excited to see more in the future.

Credit: Instagram (@smtown)

“I have so much respect for these artists because there is so much time put into their craft that people simply don’t see. Few realize the intensity of what is happening behind the scenes to achieve the end product; it’s very similar to fashion so I identify with that process very much.” Do says.

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