JW Anderson invites us to the Spring/Summer 2023 with a mini clock. We already know this time JW Anderson will bring another creative design to surprise us. However, the collection of plenty of keyboards and fish still expands the horizon of the fashion industry.

Credit: JW Anderson

JW Anderson SS23 holds at a Soho arcade on September 18 during London Fashion Week.

Collaborating with the supermodel Emily Ratajowski, the runway surrounds by slot machines and racing games. The inspiration is from “the parallel world of people trapped in their computers”.

There are two main concepts on the runway – aquatics and technology. Although these two elements seem to come from two different worlds, JW Anderson perfectly combines them and forms a juxtaposing world.

A sleeveless turtleneck top adorned with keyboards, distressed shorts and heeled boots with a stock photo of a beach getaway is the best demonstration of the parallel world.

Credit: JW Anderson

Just like the brand’s ever-present ethos which represents fashion and fun at its purest, the showcase leads us to a parrel world that provides a sense of juxtaposition throughout.

The womenswear collection is presented by a bi-gender cast, showing that creative beauty is no limit. The chrome orb dress in all black and glitter presents the unique idea of the brand.

Aside from the limitless creative design, Anderson’s delicate craft impresses the audiences as well. From draping and slouching to knitting and turning, Anderson’s signature silhouettes are in the details.

Other accessories such as Bumper bags, Twisters purses and seaside printed boots are the highlights of the show too. They make the whole look more complete and correspond to the topic.

Credit: JW Anderson

Among a few famous brands, JW Anderson is still working on plans for London Fashion Week after Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

At the end of the show, there is a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in the form of a black dress emblazoned with the words “thank you next to her birth and death years.

For more information, stay tuned to JW Anderson’s website and social media.

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