Designers are always taking a new approach to breaking pre-set notions about fashion and brands. They have been bold and able to craft deep emotions in their consumers.  And one such designer is Demna Gavasalia.

A Priceless Pochette | Source: Dazed

When Demna Gvasalia was spotted with an empty Lays packet, using it as a priceless pochette, there was a talk all over social media.

“Fashion is a visual art and all we need is for it to be seen through someone’s eyes.

Gvasalia says, in a statement.

Fashion in its best case scenario should not need a story to be sold to someone. You either like it or not”

The above statement is stirring up conversation about consumer and designer ideas on style authority and creation. Similarly, Gvasalia is known for transforming common things into luxury items. Whether it be a soiled shoe, a bin bag or pair of lacklustre crocs. This time, he is reimagining the Lays Packet into something much more valuable. The Lays packet has been busy making headlines. Gvasalia, with chip bag in tow, sat front row at a graduate fashion show in Antwerp. The a packet of Lays perching on his lap – or otherwise hooked under his arm as if it were a gorgeous pochette. It’s cool. It’s weird… It’s also something we have come to expect from Demna Gvasalia over time.

But on the other hand, what kind of message is a brand like Balenciaga trying to convey to people? Are these seasonal items becoming just another publicity stunt? Or is it another way of strengthening their relationship with consumers? Only time will tell.

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