Sophomore Album “Someday” Bares All in a Fresh Refined Sound.

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Three years since their first debut album, Dear Seattle is back on the music scene with their latest sophomore album; “Someday”.

The album hones in production skills by Australian producer Scott Horscroft. His production and mixing work spans a wide range of genres, featuring the likes of; Alison Wonderland, DMA’S, Empire Of The Sun, Silverchair, and The Presets.

Co-produced by Domestic La La’s founder James Tidswell (Violent Soho); “Someday” boasts blistering rock anthems begging to be belted through the turbulent energy of a live show.

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Finding A Balance

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Dear Seattles’ earlier work “Don’t Let Go”, features sounds that hold a certain level of punk-infused grit. Although there is still plenty of grit, fans can appreciate songwriting that tackles more substantial concepts and a greater emphasis on the depth and meaning behind songs.

In a post made by the band on Instagram, they expressed what really went into the creation of this album. They said;

“This album is as much about optimism for the furture as it is the inablility to focus on the present. As much about self-love as it is self- awarness of our own shortcommings.

Its about how the expectations we set for ourselves can either cripple us or push us on to greater things, but most notably, its about finding the balance and learning how to be a better person.”

A Triumphant Heartfelt Release

Dear Seattle perform live in Adelaide | Credit: Pat O’ Hara

The 11- track album delivers a more mature sonic path than previously heard. As each track tackles a different theme and meaning behind it, the raw vulnerability of lead singer Brae Fisher’s voice creates a versatile dynamic performance that perfectly embodies the struggles of dealing with mental health.  Featuring raucous drums that build a climatic experience alongside exhilarating unruly guitar melodies and levels of synth work that add to the multitude of melodic voices independent from one another.

In a recent interview, the band delve into the meaning behind the self-titled track “Someday”; A track that explores themes of aspiration and drive. It perfectly captures that feeling of being on the outside and watching the world go by. The band said;

“Someday takes focus on my deep yearning to live out my aspirations and become the person I truly want to be. It came about from being in a darker place, observing others going about their lives and seeming so put together from the outside looking in.

It makes you crave that feeling of being entirely in sync the world, like you’re in your own blissful ignorance free of anything dysfunctional. You just want to succeed at what you’re putting all of your effort into. You want your dreams to come true, you want to realise your full potential and you want to shake this monkey off your back and start living life as part of the world instead of as a spectator…”

Dear Seattles’ Sophmore Album “Someday” is a triumphant release that overcomes and explores complex emotions. It is both equally heartfelt, grace and what it means to live present in the moment. Dear Seatle is currently on tour with tickets on sale here.

Their album is available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

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