Milan Fashion Week is held from 20-26 September, and all the famous and biggest brands attend. The iconic Italian brand Gucci presents a great show titled “Gucci Twinsburg”, featuring 68 pairs of twins.

Credit: Matteo Canestraro/Bureau Future

The Twinsburg concept is inspired by the designer Alessandro Michele’s mother and her twin sister who helped raise him, and the idea of the “other”. 

“They lived in the same body,” Michele says, “They dressed and combed their hair in the same way. They were magically mirrored. One multiplied the other. That was my world, perfectly double and doubled.”

To find those amazing twins models, Gucci sends a secret scouting party to Twins Day – a twins convention that takes place in Twinsburg since 1976. After a hard hand-picking process, the scouting team chooses sixty eight pairs of twins to stand on the stage.

Credit: Gucci

The models are wearing all kind of creative designs. Some are them are bold and exotic, such as retro green coats with leopard-print leggings. Glittery red suits and tiger stripe boots under chinoiserie pencil skirts with tabard tops. Facial jewellery and sunglasses dangling rhinestone fringe.

And a reference to the 1984 black comedy – “Gremlins”The fluffy and adorable characters turn into bags, printed on the hem of an evening gown and worn on the front of belts and the tops of slides.

We can also see the classic Gucci look. Sliver jacket with checked trousers, oversized jacket with black leather. With the match of shimmering and unique accessories, the preppy Gucci style presents a formal but playful vibe.

Credit: Gucci

At first, there is a screen that divides audiences into two different rooms. So the people do not know they are watching twins. At the last moment of the show, they lift the screen. 136 models walk together and hold hands with their identical siblings and finish the big show.

“I use the runway as a theatrical stage, and fashion speaks strongly to ideas of otherness. I know that I have another side of me — I meet him when I go to my therapist,” Michele says. “We all have another side of us, and sometimes we meet that person, and hold hands.”

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