Australian Producer and DJ GEM finds strength in her latest EP “Healing Feelings”.

Credit: scenstr

In a dreamy new electro-pop ep, GEM stuns listeners with her ethereal vocals. Her lush spine-tingling synth and incorporation of found sounds transcend the audience along through an almost meditative surge of warmth and energy.

Australian producer and Dj GEM incorporates sonic tones and blends whilst using 432hz and uplifting frequencies. Using this method creates brighter and softer tones as well as a greater sense of clarity in the listener’s ear. It is a common practice to record meditation music tuned to 432 Hz. In doing so, the frequencies aid to relax the body-mind in a perfectly tuned harmonic symphony.

The six-track EP breathes new life into what it means to heal from heartache alongside self-discovery. It’s an honest raw portrayal of complex feelings delicately entwined with GEM’s use of gongs, sound bowls, chimes, and wave drums, as well as a seamless blend of both acoustic and synth instruments.

A Heartfelt Journey

Credit: Rolling Stones

A natural healer, Gem has perfected her craft in designing feel-good frequencies. The technique of her production skills sonically uplifts not only your energy field but also the dance floor. The EP’s opening track “Soul bath” acts as a grounding rejuvenating experience. This meditative spiritual opening begins with the soothing ring of chimes whilst dynamically adding levels of depth through deep resonating hollow drum beats. The song continues to develop with the gentle lapping of oceanic waves thickening with the brassy tones of gongs. This immersive experience, intended to cleanse; opens the listeners up to what is to follow.

As the opening track rings to a fade, Heartfelt begins with a lush flow of scintillating synth tones followed by smooth melodic acoustic guitar chords. Heartfelt is a reaffirming mantra that coaxes the listener into a powerful journey felt through GEM’s spoken word. Through her soft dreamy voice, GEM says;

“I want you to know that you can be broken wide open in the very dephs of your healing, and still be empowered. That during your most gritty and grimey moments, you are still divine.”

Love in Ruins

A gentle reminder to the listener, Heartfelt serves as a track made to listen to on our most tender of days. between the beckoning warmth of “inner bloom” and soft undertones of “Remedy”, you will find “Ruins. This slow-burning track develops delicately as it builds simple textures. With sublime sounds and melting melodies partnered with light airy vocals. In an interview, GEM explained the process behind the song, she says;

“It wouldn’t be a healing EP if we didn’t address heartache, right? It is definitely the sad moment. The breakdown before the breakthrough can occur.

I was aching and alone, sitting on my apartment floor 8,000 miles from where I wanted to be. The lyrics fell out – as did the tears. I had been reinventing myself into so many different versions trying to be someone that was loved. That is something we need to cultivate within ourselves, that is the real point of this EP.”

Healing Feelings ends with “Debris”, a contrast to “Ruins”; This upbeat neo-soul-inspired song is an upbeat affirmation. The track sings; “I feel good, I feel free, living intentionally”. This takes listeners on a genuine, authentic experience that is equal parts triumphant and hopeful.

GEM’s unique approach to production sets her apart from many in the industry through her incorporation of energetic live instrumentation and lush vocals. Healing many through her music, “Healing Feelings” is available on streaming platforms, ready for those to transcend.

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