“Real-To-Be” draws its inspiration from its debut collection NIGO; demonstrating how musicians and the fashion industry can work together for a greater cause.

Iconic Red and musicians. Source: Hypebeast

The new creative director of KENZO, NIGO, delivers straightforward apparel for all genders. The momentum of this collection comes from eight talented musicians; revealing their authenticity whilst performing their craft. They are Careless Music CEO and founder, James Reid, who appears along with Asian musicians: Hong Kong-based Tyson Yoshi, Singaporean singer-songwriter Aisyah Aziz, Indonesian singer Afgan, Korean singer-songwriter BIBI, Vietnamese singer Erik, Thai singer and actor Jaylerr, and Taiwan-based Australian singer-songwriter Julia Wu.

To grandstand the adaptable collection, eight youthful performers from Asia come together within the “Real-To-Be” fashion story. The extend includes a video shoot that records their enthusiasm for music and dedication towards being “Real-To-Sing”, with a photoshoot to capture their person “Real-To-Wear” styles. The craftsmen are shot under a highlight to represent them uncovering their honest to goodness selves, against the background of a bulletin in KENZO’s iconic red.

Following his appointment as Artistic Director late last year, NIGO recently made his KENZO debut in Fall/Winter 2022. He put both women’s and men’s collections on the runway for the French luxury fashion house. NIGO is the house’s first Japanese designer since founder Kenzo Takada. And the streetwear legend delivers a “real-to-wear” expression that blends KENZO’s heritage with contemporary codes. The collection is complete with accessories that continue NIGO’s love of animal graphics.

Kenzo Takada gives us animal scarves, as well as field caps, reversible souvenir jacket pouch bags, and other carrying options in the archive Pop Bouquet flower print and the Tamari Monogram, a new geo-pattern, were reintroduced by the designer. Kenzo Takada’s signature profile finds expression through decorative medals found on garments.

Per Hypebeast, “Maintaining NIGO’s philosophy toward clothing, KENZO will develop a considered wardrobe delivered through limited-edition monthly releases”.


Check out the “Real-To-Be” KENZO clip below, and join these artists to try on the “KENZO Beret” Instagram filter on mobile now.

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