Equal Parts Love and Grace; Eskimo Joe Frontman Kav Temperley Releases Sophomore Solo Album.

Kav Temperley | Credit: Jarrad Levy

If you’re familiar with the name Kav Temperley; then perhaps you spent most of the late 90’s listening to him tearing up the front scenes of the Australian rock band, Eskimo Joe.

A talented singer, songwriter, bassist and occasional keyboardist; Kav’s impressive arsenal of skills can be heard in the release of his solo sophomore album “Machines of Love and Grace.”

The 11-track album boasts an impressive stylistic approach with dynamic textural instrumentation, double-time drums, catchy melodies, existential narratives and the smooth soothing vocals of Temperley. “Machines of love and Grace” is alt-rock infused soundtrack packing in tender moments of acoustics tranquillity as well as lush swelling build-ups.

Rich and Stripped Back

Credit: Ian Munro/The West Australian

“Machines of Love and Grace” opens with “Emergency in D minor”. A brooding orchestral opening with deep resonating chords and reverberating synths. As light plucky strings guide you into a soothing saxophone melody; “Emergency in D minor” is an ethereal experience that beckons the listener into a trance of rich dynamics and the euphonious sounds of Kev Tamperleys voice.

The track dives into the bright echoing opening of “Homesickness”. A fleeting song that talks of that yearning feeling of needing to escape. Featuring the likes of Siobhan Cochin, the effortless mesh of the two voices layered with luminous melodies creates warm infectious energy felt throughout the song.

Complex Narratives

Credit: Youtube

Kav Temperley’s sophomore album tackles substantial concepts. The album vigorously veers between frenetic guttural vocals as well as more reflective serenity. Songs such as “Last of the Wine” deals with elements of drinking and domestic violence. A complex narrative track, the stripped-back beauty of Kav’s performance oscillates against the profound subject matter.

Written, recorded and produced in Tamperley’s Fremantle-based studio, “Machines of Love and Grace” is a refreshing album that successfully portrays complex themes and emotions in the most beautiful of ways. Between the acoustic sounds of “Twin Flame” and the glistening piano echoing throughout the album titled track “Machines of love and Grace”; Kav Temperley’s solo sophomore album bleeds a sondering feeling begging to be listened to back to back.

Kav Temperleys “Machines of Love and Grace” drops today; available on all streaming platforms.

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