Sydney Festival just announced the exciting program for next year. Following Van Gogh Alive, Monet & Friends Alive, Frida Kahlo’s live exhibition is coming to Australia too! The location is at The Cutaway, Barangaroo this January. 

Credit: Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival 2023 showcases over 700 performances and events. Music, dance and even faux beaches, all the entertainment are there to enjoy. It also includes a massive Frida Kahlo exhibition.

The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential artists in the world. Her famous portraits and self-portraits are still popular and can be seen produced on all kinds of products.

Frida Kahlo’s exhibition is coming to Australia after touring Europe and the US.  And it is not just about painting. It is a massive show that can make a deep connection between Kahlo and the visitors.

Frida Kahlo: Life of an Icon

Credit: Sydney Festival

Co-created by the Frida Kahlo Corporation and the well-known Spanish digital arts company Layers of Reality. Presenting an immersive experience with splendid views and high technology.

Seven transformative areas, fascinating holography, and 360-degree projections. Besides, a virtual reality system. Take the visitors inside Kahlo’s most well-known paintings, collections of old images and original films.

Kahlo’s most iconic works are not just around the floors and walls, but even on visitors’ bodies. Just like they are walking into the paintings and Kahlo’s mind.

Live Mexican music performances are also there to help visitors enter the world that Kahlo lived and created.

Credit: Sydney Festival

The visitors can also create their flower crowns, and turn their drawings into Kahlo’s style artwork. And immortalise themselves through a souvenir-illustrated photo.

It is a good place for friends and family to take beautiful pictures, and enjoy the vibe. Furthermore, it introduces the well-known painter Kahlo, her iconic portraits and her spirit.

It shows that art can be shown and transformed in different ways and forms. And exists for a long time without limitations.

For more information, stay tuned on the Sydney Festival website and social media.

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