“Picasso Cut Papers” is a new exhibition displaying some of Picasso’s lesser-known artwork. It is organised by Cynthia Burlingham, with help from the Musée national Picasso–Paris.

Credit: Hammer Website

Pablo Picasso has always been able to amuse both his audience and art lovers in general. This time, LA’s Hammer museum is bringing out his cut paper artwork. This latest exhibition shines the spotlight on Picasso’s more alternative side.

On its website, Hammers museum mentions this exhibition as spanning “the full career of Picasso, from his first cut papers made in 1890 at nine years of age, through the 1960s, with works he made while in his eighties. It features some of the artist’s most whimsical and intriguing works made on paper and in paper, alongside a select group of sculptures in sheet metal”.

Credit: Hammer Website

Little is known about his cut papers being sold or exhibited when he was alive. However, the artist signed, dated and archived them just as he did all his works. They appear to be part of a more private studio practice. Perhaps, the more independent works of his art. This work is a study of other mediums, and you can let your imagination fill in the blanks. Are these remnants of gifts made for family and friends? Or something else? You decide. Visit the Hammer Museum website to learn more.

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