More and more British brands are rising in 2022. From artisanal clothing, and purpose-driven things to well-versed streetwear.

Credit: Hypebeast

This week, we are looking at 10 UK brands that you will want to put in your closet!


Credit: C.O.R-Project

The C.O.R-Project founder is Yesawi, a London-based designer and DJ born in Baghdad. The cultural presentation is key to him. So we can see many unique fabrics and patterns related to Arab culture.

The brand also focuses on the idea of “Children of Revolution”. The inspiration comes from a military aesthetic. Trench coats, bomber jackets, and camouflage prints are its signature items. And It also promotes peace by donating to Palestinian refugees and WORLDWIDE PEACE.


Credit: HERESY

HERESY is a ten-year-old label born in Southeast London. The brand’s clothing is proudly produced in the UK. And It uses narrative and visual methods to reflect folktale storylines. From funny graphic t-shirts and padded workplace jackets to ornamented sheep coats.

It also promotes eco-friendly practices. The quality cut-and-sew clothing is made in small batches and embellished with mystical designs. Showing its distinctive individuality.

A1 Denim

Credit: A1 Denim

Founded by Milan Rodriguez, Che Shariff and Leon Parara. A1 Denim is a testimony to Y2K denim silhouettes. And jorts – the three-quarter shorts drop, wide-leg and stacked drop-fit jeans are their signatures.

3rd Migration

Credit: 3rd Migration

Asim Khan is a Yorkshire-born designer. Throughout 3rd Migration’s range, he combines his love of handcrafted fabrics with his South Asian blood. The brand uses traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge dyeing practices. And It produces items based on the third culture identity.

It also uses an elaborate flower resist-dye method. Diverse botanicals are put onto rolls of ECCO leather and left aside for a while. After finishing everything is done and the colours of the flowers have soaked into the leather, a pretty floral pattern is revealed.



Like other emerging designers, SKITZO WORLDWIDE chooses to locate in Manchester. It often uses a gothic-like style and dark colour patterns because they go well with boxy fits and large proportions.

The brand’s limited-edition releases consistently drive its fans into northern-raged frenzies. They are craving the label’s rip-styled denim, heavily branded hoodies, and unreleased concept samples. So It’s exciting to see how the brand’s direction will go in the future.

Gentle Fullness

Credit: Gentle Fullness

Gentle Fullness is established by the Story mfg. team. Saeed, the label’s founder, says about the name. The brand uses pre-consumer waste textiles to create thoughtfully designed and pleasing garments. It is an experimental sub-label with peace and prosperity. So it highlights chequered designs, repetitive sunflower patterns, and rave-inspired tees.



HILLSIDE is a streetwear brand in London. It is first created in the United Kingdom in 2020. It has a quiet profile, but the imprint continues to release items that speak for themselves.

The brand’s most recent “Cloud Jacket” is a lightweight shell jacket with a cloud-inspired design. And It is also not afraid to try new things. HILLSIDE’s humorous Instagram promotion will solve any doubts about how waterproof its clothing is.


Credit: Splitdat

Splitdat dedicates to ensuring that everyone eats. Started by UK rappers cityboymoe and Gdup. It features an instantly identifiable bread-break logo that represents the label’s ethos. And it also collaborates with Soho Yacht Club. The club helps reconstruct Somaliland’s Hargeisa market after a fire. And a charity that feeds orphans in the area. Check out the brand via Struggle Nation.

This Uniform

Credit: This Uniform

This Uniform creates custom and ready-to-wear clothing that is in high demand across North America. The founder Esme Marsh is a University of Westminster alumna.

This unisex brand capitalises on a handcrafted mentality. And is known for its made-to-order approach to oversized casualwear. So it is still looking for discarded materials to use in its next patchwork creation.

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