On the 5th, singer and actor Yoshizumi Sasaki A.K.A YOSHI, died at a hospital in Tokyo. His management office officially announced the tragic incident on the 6th. According to his family, only close relatives will attend his funeral and farewell ceremony. A memorial service is being set for a later date.

Credit: i-D Vice Magazine

Japan’s Yoshizumi Sasaki aka Yoshi has died in a bike accident. He was just 19 years young. The talented model and artist shot to fame early in his life, due to trailblazing designer Virgil Abloh; who discovered and promoted him at only thirteen years old.

YOSH and Virgil Abloh | Credit: Yahoo! Lifestyle Singapore

Quickly, he became a name in the fashion industry worldwide, noted for dressing in bold and tasteful Japanese labels.

Media personality Fifi tweets:

“YOSHIKI was overwhelmed by his power and was evaluated as “having a rock soul.” This is too sad.”

The superstar was born in Hiroshima on February 26, 2003. At the age of 16, he debuted as a singer and released his first album, “SEX IS LIFE”. Yoshi’s talent once rocked the entire Japanese music scene. In September of the same year, he took on a cameo role in the movie “Stupid Taro” (タロウのバカ) alongside the actor Sugata Masaki. After participating on the reality show “Yoshiki Superstar X”, he became a leading voice for the band. The death of Yoshi at the age of 19 is an irreversible loss of the Japanese entertainment industry.

How did YOSHI Die?

Helmut Lang Campaign featuring YOSHI | Credit: Dimsum Daily

LoveKpop95 states that Yoshi “died after a serious traffic accident. The incident happened at 0:00 on November 5 at an intersection in Tama Ward, Kawasaki city. Yoshi was driving a large displacement motorcycle that collided with a truck. The accident left Yoshi with a severe head injury and was immediately taken to the emergency room. However, according to Japanese media, the male singer died at 2:17 am on November 5.”

Yoshi was very active. On the day of his death, it was announced that he was one of the 20 contestants competing in YOSHIKI’s new boyband survival series “YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X.” His name, but not his image, has since been removed from the announcement.

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