Maximilian Davis’s first collection is finally available for purchase! After the British creative director’s acclaimed debut at Milan Fashion Week, the collection “A New Dawn” is the first opportunity to purchase Maximilian Davis’ creations for Ferragamo. You can shop the collection “A New Dawn” online and in-store. But it’s limited time only – until December 4.

Credit: Hypebeast

The brand’s new designer Maximilian Davis just makes his debut runway this September at Milan Fashion Week. Now the selected pieces from the collection titled “A New Dawn” are finally available to buy.

“A New Dawn” is an inspiration from both old and new Hollywood history. The old glamour of Hollywood is inspired by the influence of Salvatore Ferragamo’s time. And modern-day Hollywood is the idea of “ease and sensuality”.

“I wanted to pay tribute to Salvatore’s start by bringing in the culture of Hollywood – but new Hollywood,” Davis says. “Its ease and sensuality; its sunset and sunrise.”

The Inspirations

Credit: Ferragamo

Like Hollywood itself, the 27-years old director also presents two sides of the collection. It is exquisitely precise and delightfully freewheeling simultaneously.

The inspiration takes from the outfits Ferragamo himself designed for Marilyn Monroe. So the glittering, vibrant ready-to-wear designs stand out.

Other items are also classic and noticeable. Sharply-tailored trousers and Ferragamo’s classic Wanda handbag with new designs. And the Elina heels with sculptural Gancini designs and boots and loafers with minimalistic twists.

Jackie Nickerson is the photographer of the lookbook. Shooting in Los Angeles, the American-born British photographer perfectly conveys both sides of the inspiration as well.

White, Beige and Red

Credit: Ferragamo

Clean-line utilitarian features and cuts with white, beige and red colours. These are Davis’s signature designs. The highlighted red colour even becomes a defining feature. And other works make use of the colours of dawn and dusk.

“It relates to Ferragamo, to Hollywood, to the ocean – but also to me, and to my own DNA,” Davis says. “I wanted to show that perspective, but now through the Ferragamo lens”.

For more information, stay tuned to Ferragamo’s website and social media. And don’t miss your chance to buy the collection! From now until December 4 only.

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