The London-based brand JORDANLUCA releases its Fall/Winter 2022 jeans campaign. With help of Loyd Lye’s 3D artwork, it draws inspiration from Michelangelo’s David, Pieta, and Winged Victory. Connecting historical references, queer representation and human spirit to nature.


Founded by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, JORDANLUCA has positioned itself at the intersection of LGBTQ representation, historical allusions, and luxury fashion. And this time, it brings these three elements together for the FW22 campaign.

The campaign tackles the difficult times we live in while investigating one’s relationship to nature and the human soul. It draws inspiration from Michelangelo’s David, Pieta, and Winged Victory.

In the past, Michelangelo carved his own statues with deep significance, such as David, The Pieta, and Winged Victory. JORDANLUCA is following this famous tradition by carving “own monuments” that symbolise the modern “complex times and the human spirit.”

The New Meanings of Michelangelo’s Statues


The FW22 campaign gives Michelangelo’s masterpieces new meanings through 3D art.

It portrays David as part man, part amphibian. Serving as a reminder that only by integrating with nature and taking care of the environment will humanity be perfected.

With a pair of twins holding each other, the Pieta transforms into a representation of brotherly love. And the Winged Victory glides on a rock in the middle of the water with a slender figure, just as we should in life.

JORDANLUCA says, “History is not recorded in statues as some might have you believe. History is recorded in books. ⁠Statues and monuments are a reflection of the values a society or a city hold dear, they are a celebration of an ideal or they commemorate a historical moment or figure.”


We can see the historical references throughout many pieces of JORDANLUCA’s collection of denim.

The Serpentine Jeans have a cut-out on the front that holds a jewelled brooch and an extended distressed leg at the back. Also for the items like the Union Jack jeans and the very distressed and bleached pair, both of which are only for sale online.

Since the brand asks “What is beauty? What is victory? What is brotherly love? Who gets to embody those qualities in our monuments?” Through the campaign, we can find out the meanings of these by ourselves.

For more information and to purchase the new collection, check on JORDANLUCA’s website.

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