Within the biggest inventive shake-up of a brand since Covid-19 spread, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele is taking off. Michele, 49, is a Rome-born creator who took over the role of Creative Director in 2015. He was instrumental in the rebirth of Gucci, apparently reinvigorating the brand overnight; from a blurring image of early 2000s excitement into a purveyor of unpredictable inclusivity. These changes brought forth an encapsulating and more extensive social discussion surrounding sexual orientation, character and race.

Credit: Vogue

After seven years, the acclaimed fashion designer, credited with bringing Gucci back to life, has left the business.

Michele, who joined the company in 2002 as head of accessories, was appointed creative director in 2015 and has since re-established the firm’s name in the fashion world. It’s no secret that Gucci has had its fair share of ups and downs. Best illustrated in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, where we watch the house’s origin, rise, and fall.

The brand’s impact in the fashion world has never been more punchy. In a statement released on Instagram, Michele writes:

“There are times when paths part ways because of the different perspectives each one of us may have. Today an extraordinary journey ends for me, lasting more than twenty years, within a company to which I have tirelessly dedicated all my love and creative passion.

He goes on to state that,

During this long period Gucci has been my home, my adopted family…


May you continue to nourish yourselves with poetic and inclusive imagery, remaining faithful to your values. May you always live by your passions, propelled by the wind of freedom”.

Michele’s Most Recent Works

Alessandro Michele’s most recent collection was shown to the public during his “Twinsburg” event, which includes 68 pairs of identical twins. His performances were nothing if not avant-garde.

Credit: Neo2 Magazine

Michele’s dreams became a reality, and the premium fashion brand experienced nothing but success. Gucci outdid its competitors, with revenues nearly doubling during his tenure as CEO, resulting in tens of millions of dollars for Kering; all owing to Michele and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri.

In his notes on the show, the creative director writes,

“As if by magic, clothes duplicate. They seem to lose their status of singularity. The effect is alienating and ambiguous. Almost a rift in the idea of identity, and then, the revelation: the same clothes emanate different qualities on seemingly identical bodies. Fashion, after all, lives on serial multiplications that don’t hamper the most genuine expression of every possible individuality.”

However, a brand can only go so far; earnings in recent months have not been as impressive. Its collaborations with Adidas and Harry Styles, which resembled more of a retail line, were largely unremarkable.

An Industry Upheaval

The news follows a suite of high fashion mix-ups and upsets. After departing Bottega Veneta, Daniel Lee replaced Riccardo Tisci at Burberry (Lee has since been replaced by Matthieu Blazy). Co-creative director of Prada, Raf Simons, announced the shuttering of his namesake label, causing speculation that Miuccia Prada may be retiring. And of course, the fashion world is still reeling from the stunning loss of visionary designer Virgil Abloh late last year, whose successor at Louis Vuitton menswear is still yet to be announced. Rumors also continue to grow that Phoebe Philo, the former Celine designer, is introducing a new brand sometime next year.

Cleo Wade and Marco Bizzarri | Vogue France

Gucci announced the news in a statement. In the press release, Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci, thanked Michele for his dedication to the house, “and for his vision, devotion, and unconditional love for this unique brand.” Likewise, François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Kering, which owns Gucci, states that what Michele achieved will long play an important role in the history of the brand.

“His passion, his imagination, his ingenuity and his culture put Gucci centre stage, where its place is. I wish him a great next chapter in his creative journey.”

He says.

The Bulk of the Profits

Credit: Man’s World India

Michele’s vision for the brand undulated through the design industry and made tens of billions of dollars for Kering; the French luxury brand that also boasts Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, amongst other big names. It was Gucci, in any case, that brought in the bulk of bunch profits – earning nearly 10 billion euros in income in 2021.

And it was Michele and Gucci’s chief official, Marco Bizzarri, who were credited with the incredible revenue. It’s truly a result of his sense of aesthetics together with his democratic desire. His appearance and shows are full of character, turning him into a culture guru.

Gucci has yet to choose its next creative director.

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