Dementia Australia has created BrainTrack – a free mobile app that assists people in privately monitoring to better understand suspected changes in their cognition over time. It is a validated cognitive testing tool to help individuals explore common cognitive concerns and provides brain health information through fun, travel-themed games.

Credit: Dementia Australia

Dementia is on the rise. By 2060s, Australia would have projected more than 1.1 million people with dementia. Early detection and diagnosis must be a priority.

Local GP’s will be the first contact if any concerns about their cognition and potentially, an earlier diagnosis of dementia. In that regard, people living with dementia, their families and carers can better understand dementia and manage their diagnosis in their own languages.

Why has Dementia Australia Created BrainTrack?

Credit: Dementia Australia

Based on user experience, individual test reports generate themselves from the completion of the games. Next, comes a consultation with a GP to start a report for further discussion.

BrainTrack is intended for earlier identification of cognitive change along with an existing formal cognitive assessment approved by the GP.

Dementia Australia advocates the right support at the right time can enable people with dementia to maintain their independence and functional capacity for as long as possible.

Health and allied health professionals play an important role in helping people living with dementia to live well for longer,”

Assoc Prof Woodward says.

“By assessing physical and cognitive issues they can provide interventions to support the maintenance of current strengths and capacities, improve skill acquisition and promote recovery, enablement and rehabilitation. “The more GPs and healthcare professionals know and understand about dementia and how Dementia Australia’s support and programs, including post-diagnostic services, can wrap around their patient, the better the system and health care experience will be for all.

Credit: Dementia Australia

BrainTrack launched on 13 October 2022. It comes to users by way of Dementia Australia with the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²), Deakin University. The funding comes from the Australian Government.

BrainTrack is available for download for free through the Apple App Store or Google Play. This app is for anyone interested in exploring their brain; or with concerns about their cognition.

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