Tim Burton is back in the spotlight with his Addams family spin-off series. Which follows the spine-chilling tale of the teenager “Wednesday” portrayed by Jenna Ortega. 

Credit: Netflix

Wednesday is Burton’s first return to directing since the release of “Frankenweenie” in twenty twelve. And the series doesn’t disappoint, giving fans the perfect reboot to a widely loved family horror classic.

“Wednesday” is a re-imagining of the 90’s classic Addams family series by Barry Sonnenfield. Through the spinoff, Tim Burton revives the tv-series for a new Gen-Z audience through an eight-part macabre and gothic tale.

A Different Direction

The series revolves around the daughter from the original Addams Family “Wednesday”. It begins with Wednesday’s release of piranhas into the school swimming pool and being subsequently expelled for the deed.

Credit: Netflix

Wednesday is then sent to a new school “Nevermore” a boarding school full of magic, monsters and mystery. She doesn’t fit in here either and soon starts to witness murders that she must solve on her own and with the help of her werewolf roommate, all while developing her newfound psychic abilities.

Re-Inventing Wednesday

Credit: Netflix

Having rewatched a number of old Addams family re-runs prior to the new series, the character comparisons are striking. With Wednesday Addams originally portrayed by much loved Christina Ricci in the 90s, Jenna Ortega really makes the character her own through an older and deeply morbid portrayal of the original.

The supporting cast and characters have done an excellent job of supporting Ortega in her role; with the plot providing plenty of frightening scenes, thrills and laughs throughout the series duration.

The plot develops smoothly as the episodes unfold, a central mystery intertwined with singular plot episodes is enough to keep you hooked until the credits roll at the series finale.

Another Lackluster Reboot?

Credit: The National

While the show has already achieved rating success. Has Netflix done justice to the legacy left by the original series?

The series is produced in a way that targets the “Teen Drama” fan base, this style of tv series is popular and audiences will not be shocked to see tropes borrowed from series such as “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Riverdale”.

While the story is somewhat predictable at times, Netflix has made up for this through high-quality production, excellent camera work, brilliant sets and makeup through an excellently paced story.  This keeps the series extremely enjoyable for those sitting in for the eight-part feature.

The Verdict

While “Wednesday” does not fill the shoes of the original “Addams Family”  the series is an excellent experience for any teenager to enjoy. The show still holds the same twisted humour of the original alongside the captivating fresh performances of a new cast. At times the series suffers from weak writing with some characters not given proper development, however these minor plot holes aren’t enough to dampen the absolutely stellar performance given to us by Jenna Ortega.

With the release of Wednesday Tim Burton has delivered an absolute treat for old Addams family fans and the perfect adaption for new Gen-Z and millennial audiences. With the series already booked for a season 2 it will be exciting to see how the series is expanded even further.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think. “Wednesday” is available now on Netflix.

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