First Nations Fashion Design (FNFD) is an organisation championing indigenous creatives. Their presence at Australian Fashion Week in recent years is allowing this creative talent to gain a platform to promote their work. It is also inspiring other indigenous artists to aspire to worj within the industry. FNFD is collaborating with online retailer The Iconic via the launch of a new project; mentoring young Indigenous designers creatively whilst providing economic support.


The FNFD program serves as an incubator for emerging talent who are looking to emerge into the industry of professional creatives.

The project commencement is set for 2023. Initiative plans expect to see the implementation of education systems, workshops and an expansion of resources to be readily available for participants. The program focuses heavily on placing entrepreneurial skills into the hands of young creatives; with the intention of scaling their businesses up to cater to a wider audience.

Grace Lillian Lee | Credit: Vogue

Grace Lillian Lee, founder and CEO of FNFD tells Vogue,

“Interest in First Nations fashion has exploded in recent years, with designers like Nungala Creative and Clothing the Gaps piquing the interest of the mainstream with considered, sustainable and beautiful designs that pay respect to country and culture.”

Showing Support

Credit: FNFD X The Iconic

The Iconic X FNFD incubator program addresses the unique challenges facing indigenous young people. Thanks to the program, designers within this minority can receive the chance to establish themselves within the competitive creative industry. They also receive support from its partners.

Details of the entire program are in their final stages of confirmation. However, it is set to include the appointment of three established First Nations designers. These experts in their field can provide mentoring to successful applicants. Alongside partners in the retail industry, those within the program receive cultural, creative and economic guidance; even after the course completion.

The program is available to all types of First Nation Creatives, regardless of their background, age and creative practice. It welcomes every kind of medium including fashion, photography, textiles, painting and jewellery design.

Expressions of interest in the program are now open to First Nations Designers – with its commencement set for April 2023.

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