If there’s something that TikTok has changed, more than any other social media platform… It’s how anyone can be anything.

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In the past, to be a film critic you had to work for prestigious (*cough* pretentious *cough*) magazines or media companies. Then, YouTube paved the way for huge creators such as Watch Mojo, CinemaSins and countless Movie essay pages.

Since TikTok took over the world, and its short-length videos became accessible for anyone to watch: one of the jobs that we’ve seen become more down-to-earth is movie reviewing. Here are ten Movietok reviewers that have contributed to changing how it’s done:


J Stoobs

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J Stoobs has a following of nearly 500,000 followers on TikTok. She shares really in depth movie reviews where she often discusses social injustices. She’s not afraid to go against the flow: meaning she sometimes likes something that most people didn’t and viceversa – Instead of the “movie bro” approach, J Stoobs (aka Megan) will share contemplated and thorough arguments to explain why that is. If you follow her you know she loves Jennifer’s Body (a modern classic) and didn’t love the new Wednesday series. But she will always share her thoughts with much consideration and respect.

Straw Hat Goofy

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He’s garnered a massive following of over 3 million people. Straw Hat Goofy is charismatic as he shares reviews, recommendations or easter eggs videos. His success on TikTok made it possible for him to quit his nine to five job, making content creation his full time business. A lover of Marvel movies, he is now often invited to their movie premiers and red carpets.


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He often ranks the Paddington movies higher than more famous film classics (as they deserve). Joe’s tried and tested formula of reviewing, sharing trivia and rankings of movies with LetterBox green screened in the background has earned him 650,000 followers. His spoiler free reviews of new movies have become something to look forward to for his loyal fans.

Maddi Koch

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She goes as Maddi Moo on Tiktok. Maddi has created a following of over three million loyal followers who love her movie recommendations. She is often invited by production companies such as Netflix to watch and review their unreleased movies.

Lets Watch That

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With 225,000 followers, this TikToker’s content is slightly focused on horror movies. Horror movie opinions are so subjective, but even if the film she’s talking about has bad critics reviews, she tells her followers if she thinks they’re worth watching or not based on entertainment value, campness, scare level, etc.

Movies Are Therapy

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Chris has a following of 232,900 people. His content consists of reviews, trivia and movie news. His loyal following loves how earnest and kind he is as he always shares thoughts of empathy to anyone watching his videos.

Movies and Stuff

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George has become famous in part because he has a very passionate way of delivering his thoughts on films. With over 340,000 followers, George’s formula jumps between thought out topics, to sitting in his car after a movie screening and giving his immediate thoughts. 

Seth’s Film Reviews

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Yes people! Like George, at first glance Seth seems like he’s going to tell you what is good or bad in the movie world in an aggressive way. But just like George, Seth is very heartfelt and often recommends movies that will increase your serotonin. with nearly 145,000 followers, Seth loves Studio Ghibli movies and simply wants to share his love for cinema.

Cinema Nation

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This TikTok account is group-run and it’s garnered over 162,500 followers. They do movie reviews, rankings, lists and more!

Kodak Cameron

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Cameron Kozak has been a Tiktok movie guy for a while. He has over one million followers and is a go to for reviews and recommendations. His formula differs from Cinema Nation’s and Cinema Joe’s as he actually shows scenes fromthe movies/series he’s talking about instead of a Letter Box background. 

And don’t worry! All of these fabulous creators will let you know if they’re about to spoil something in case you haven’t watched that show or film!

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