Netflix delivers the latest rendition of the wildly popular season “You” this week. If you are someone who gets giddy with anticipation for what the makers of the show are going to come up with next, then this review is just for YOU.

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Netflix delivers the latest rendition of the wildly popular season “You” this week. And it subtly comes across as slapdash, yet notoriously keeps the viewers glued to their screens. Penn Badgley’s character Joe is now in a tumultuous tussle with a mysterious new, mature, and worthy opponent. Watching this vigilant and charismatic match disarm a desperate and redemption-hungry Joe is simply worth it.

An Enigmatic Psychopath

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Pen Badgely shines as usual with his mind monologues and portrayal of a more seasoned Joe Goldberg. He has a new name and designation – Professor Jonathan Moore, now residing in London. He somehow manages to end up in the ludicrous and lavish circle of London’s elite and obnoxious twats.

Ed Speelers plays the hopeful mayoral candidate and the seemingly sane Rhys Montrose with a smooth yet cheeky glint in the eye, enthralling Goldberg with his charismatic and grounded persona.

Charlotte Ritchie’s character Kate steps in as Joe’s newfound obsession and object of desire. Her stoic, refreshingly independent, resolute, and occasionally thrill-craving portrayal feels like a nice addition to the show.

Steamy romantic subplots and side character developments are something that would need more work, yet the final reveal of the rival who’s playing the treacherous tug of war with Joe is the much-needed icing on top of a nearly baked cake.

Season 4

Season 4, part 1 is out as of 9th February 2023. It is nothing short of being outrageous, and unpredictable, with frantic plot twists. The storyline can come across as slightly predictable. Especially for thriller buffs, and those who are adept with the crazy curveballs that this crazy whirlwind of a web series throws your way. Yet the makers have pulled off a nice little trick for eager viewers by deciding to release season 4 in two parts – with season 4, and part 2 released on 9th March 2023.

Hop onto this fanatical, unhinged thrill ride and add Season 4, part 1 of “You” to your weekend watchlist if you want to watch something quick and entertaining to calm your guilty pleasure binge-seeking soul!

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