“I can smash all records, and I will be iconic as ever…!” Miley Cyrus serenades gloriously, with a focus on loving oneself better. Her record-breaking newest single, Flowers hits the mark. She has also set a new milestone in winning the hearts of her fans.

Credit: El Pais

Miley Cyrus’ most memorable former moments include “Party in the USA”, “The Climb”, “Wrecking Ball” and “Nothing breaks like a heart”.

And her latest release, “Flowers”, is yet another golden feather for the already famed journey of the Pop Princess.

Is it about the Hemsworth Marriage?

Besides, theory mills have been running wild, as the latest single offers major references to the tumultuous relationship between Miley Cyrus and her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. This includes the very location where the video song was shot.

Audiences across the globe are all ears and praises for the new tune. It is veritably, the anthem of empowerment, encouraging all to find strength within themselves, and love themselves deeply. Moreover, netizens claim that the song is fun and healing, and pushes you to continue persevering and thriving.

Miley Cyrus Sparkles

Credit: Money Control

Additionally, what makes the video song a visual delight is refreshingly radiant, and a confident Cyrus sings and dances her heart out. The vintage, show-stopping Yves Saint Laurent gold dress literally has us obsessed. This is followed by the oversized, sleek black power suite that simply channelizes strength and bad-ass energy.

The track has continued to rage and rule over the lists and records across music-streaming platforms for weeks now.

“Flowers” has further boosted the streams of the acclaimed Bruno Mars track, “When I was your man”, as the former definitely seems like a response to the latter. Hemsworth had dedicated the Bruno Mars song to Cyrus, back when they were still together. 

Seeing Miley Cyrus evolve over the years of her musical voyage has been thrilling, and definitely awe-inspiring. Being her fun-loving, zany and unfazed self, she continues to mesmerize her fans and get them dancing to her music. She is truly a shining and driving force in the industry.

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