“Mixed Metals” – became the title of a stolen and crashed Ford Falcon, turned into an impromptu art installation as a joke.

Credit: Herald Sun

A crashed Ford Falcon. Is it art? Ask yourself this: What would you do if you were to discover a charred, abandoned, and seemingly crashed car? Dial 000, right? Well, some cheeky soul decided to do otherwise – and got the netizens chuckling in amazement.

It took a simple laminated sign – pretty similar to what one might find at an exhibition – to bring some light-hearted banter to an otherwise grim scene of the smashed and stolen four-wheeler.

“Unknown Artist”

This quirky incident was reported in Melbourne West, where the dumped Ford Falcon sedan was apparently stolen, intentionally crashed into a tree, and then set ablaze to possibly reduce any sort of evidence to ashes.

Credit: Herald Sun

The grisly wreckage sight was instantly transformed into a parody of sorts when an anonymous local decided to get creative and leave behind a laminated art piece sign tied onto the tree. The sign states:

“This piece depicts the strength of the natural world versus the transitory nature of a BA (Ford) Falcon ripping fat skids. Such a moving piece.”

The name attribution at the end of this witty caption was to a person by the name of Edward Jones. This is probably a made-up name or pseudonym.

The wave of car crime involving rash driving, accidents, theft, etc., is at an all-time high all over Australia. This parody, thus, comes as a reminder of the need for some speedy action by officials to try and curb crimes related to vehicles. Pesky joyriders, crafty thieves, and professional mob gangs are now running and driving wild on the Australian streets.

Various Interpretations

However, it is rather amusing to think of the various interpretations that could be drawn from this art installation parody. It is a moving piece indeed!

Another anonymous Melbourne local, after reading the humorous laminated plaque, posted the same on the Facebook page of Car Spotters Australia. The picture of this scene has been quick to circulate and go viral on social media, sparking a jest fest. The conversation heightened further when an argument broke out over which model Ford Falcon it was.

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