This time, Metaverse Fashion Week is set to deliver “Future Heritage” – the 2023 digital celebration of all things digital fashion. After its debut in 2022, its second event includes an impressive line-up of world-class Fashion labels. From Tommy Hilfiger to Gucci, DKNY, Vogue, and Adidas are all in the mix of MVFW – running from 28th March to 31st March, 2023.

Credit: Metaverse Post

Decentraland is hosting its second Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). This time around, Decentraland focuses on open metaverses and Web3 interoperability. To do this, MVFW teams up with the digital fashion company UNXD; metaverse platform Spatial, and augmented reality firm OVER for the event. The key emphasis? To help traditional fashion houses to confidently step into the world of Web3.

Diving into the Impressive Line-up

Accordingly, brands including Coach, Adidas and DKNY are joining the virtual show for the first time. For the event, a slew of big brands are set to host some genuinely immersive digital experiences on and off the runway.

For instance, Dolce & Gabbana is hosting an exhibition of works from its “Future Reward” digital design competition.

At this point, Tommy Hilfiger is releasing new wearables daily alongside artificial intelligence-powered products.

By comparison, DKNY opens up its pop-up art gallery and restaurant DKNY.3.

There’s a huge range of online activities for MVFW guests to enjoy. Not to mention crowd-pleaser Adidas, featuring its first series of digital wearables for holders of its “Into the Metaverse” non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

Decentraland had previously hosted its inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week back in March 2022. Brands including Estée Lauder and Forever 21 had taken part in the show. Various NFT-native brands and fashion houses came together back then. Nonetheless, they amalgamated their efforts to bring forth chic pop-ups and fine fashion shows. There were commendable digital experiences to gauge their performance in terms of Web3.

“We are seeing the return of many luxury fashion houses, and also the emergence and elevation of digitally native fashion,”

states Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, head of Metaverse Fashion Week. He goes on to say, “Consequently, we are excited to see some of the world’s greatest fashion minds engaging in the future of fashion, and what it can mean for their communities.”

Our Final Thought?

All in all, 2023’s Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week is full of some truly intriguing surprises and enthralling experiences. Are you a fashion victim? An NFT collector? Or a Web3 newbie? Simply mark this digital gala on your must-see list, and keep your hot wallets and pockets ready!

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