Harry Styles is certainly winning the hearts of his Australian fans. During his “Love On Tour” leg In Australia, the tattooed megastar impressed and enthralled the humungous, animated crowds with his praiseworthy performances and endearing stage presence.

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Harry Styles kicked off the Australian leg of “Love on Tour” at HBF Park in Perth on February 20. The Pop Prince then headed to Melbourne, followed by a stunning stint in Brisbane. The leg finally ended at Accor Stadium in Sydney on March 4.

The Harry Styles Experience

Attending a Harry Styles concert is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience for his massive posse of devoted fans. What makes this experience worthwhile? The sheer stage presence of Styles himself, the pop star’s fun interactions and banter with his fans. It further enlivens and gets the entirety of the concert audience roaring and cheering animatedly.

Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

Especially with the Aussie humour being spectacularly unfiltered and wild. The singer was caught off-guard by the witty and savage fan signboards, which have become an amusing norm at his concerts. Notably, it’s the Sign of the Times trend, which originated from his very own song titled “Sign of the Times”. Evidently, so many of these signs got Styles chuckling and blushing in bewilderment and appreciation for sure.

A Grand Gender Reveal?

Further, Harry Styles was enthusiastic about helping an Australian fan – an expecting mother – to reveal her baby’s gender at the “Love on Tour” Sydney show.

As he commenced his mid-performance session of addressing some of the fun sign boards held high by his fans, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer noticed a pregnant fan named Gina holding a sign that read, “Can you do my gender reveal?”

Credit: NY Breaking News

Styles complied, of course. He was handed a tiny envelope with her unborn baby’s sex written inside.

“Are you ready to do this? Are you sure you want to do this?” quizzed Styles keenly, who was dressed up in a pair of vibrant yellow trousers and a matching cowboy-style yellow vest with some pretty pink fringe.

Credit: NY Breaking News

The entire stadium made a massive, elated uproar when he announced that Gina is expecting a girl.

Styles and his Fashion Movement

Moreover, Harry Styles concerts are also crucial for fans from a fashion standpoint, as they like to see it as an opportunity to match Styles’ level of energy and love. “Dressing up is a way of showing physically that you’re in tune”, says Styles fan Zali Hamilton.

Harry Styles is quintessentially teaching his fans to find absolute joy and a sense of true identity through fashion. There has even been an actual shortage of feather boas in Sydney, with these party essentials being sold out.

Fans enthusiastically wear feather boas to Styles’ concert, which is a significant addition to the concert #ootd. The idea? It is to dress up vivaciously, have the time of your lives, be carefree, jovial and dance your hearts out.

Aussie-style Celebrations in Full Swing

Furthermore, the Brit sensation pulled off the Aussie Shoey – Australian slang for gulping a celebratory drink out of a shoe.

Credit: BOL News

It’s a cultural and symbolic phenomenon, defining the essence of overcoming adversity – and that means literally drinking in pure celebration, out of the very vessels that got you past the line. And this definitely got the crowds wildly screaming in awe.

To double the celebration at the musical extravaganza, Harry Styles invited an Aussie legend on stage in the last Aussie show of the tour, at Accor Stadium in Sydney.

Legendary Aussie singer Daryl Braithwaite joined Styles to perform Braithwaite’s chartbuster from the 1990s, “The Horses”. Interestingly, Styles had performed the 1990’s hit single at his concert in Perth.

Expressing his excitement and delight on Facebook the next day, Braithwaite exclaims,

“What an extraordinary night it was at Harry’s gig. I just love the feeling of his massive, sold-out concerts as they take on a life of their own.”

He continues: “Harry Styles is so good at what he does, and they loved him. I was completely overwhelmed by the night. Thank you to Harry and his army”.

Finally, as for the verdict of the Aussie fans: Harry Styles is by far, the true superstar of the times.

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