Toblerone is letting go of its Swissness. The makers of this iconic triangular-shaped chocolate bar are replacing Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain with a more generic-looking peak outline. They are doing so as a way to indicate that parts of its chocolate production are moving away from Switzerland.

Credit: Today | A picture taken on March 6, 2023, shows the packaging of Toblerone chocolate bars with a representation of the Matterhorn mountain (back) and of a generic mountain (front) in Geneva.

Modelez International, a global food conglomerate that owns this Switzerland-based chocolate brand and happens to be the maker of another cherished sweet treat, Cadbury’s declared that this change is in motion due to the enforced Swissness of product legislation adopted in 2017.

The Bill stipulates that with any product with a Swiss element must meet two-part clear-cut criteria: At least four-fifths of the raw materials that go into the product have to come from Switzerland. Additionally, milk-based products (or products with essential characteristics) must strictly be made in the country.

Is it Swiss Enough?

The chocolate bar itself grew in prominence due to its distinctive triangular peak shape. It matches the famous mountain in the Alps for its perfectly-shaped pyramid. Evidently, the chocolate; with its flavour that is rich in honey and almond nougat, sells in large quantities across the global market and in duty-free stores.

The Swiss lawmakers have taken the important decision as a way to protect the prestige associated with a Swiss product. In response, U.S. brand owner (Mondelez) stated that Toblerone products are going to conform to the new rules and regulations.

Credit: Toronto Star | Triangle-shaped bars match the mountain shape.

A spokeswoman from Mondelez, Livia Kolmitz says that, “the redesign of the packaging introduces a modernized and streamlined mountain logo that is consistent with the geometric and triangular aesthetic.”

Another representative from Mondelez also discloses that Toblerone packaging is now going to read “established in Switzerland” instead of the usual “of Switzerland”.

Mondelez also confirms that the packaging is set to undergo alterations in relation to its font and brand logo, and will include the signature of this distinctive white-chocolate founder, Theodoe Tobler.

What does the future hold for the no-longer-Swiss-made treat?

Toblerone is the invention of Theodor Tobler, nearly 115  years ago – a Swiss connoisseur who came up with the brand name. It draws inspiration from his family name, and the Italian word torrone, which means nougat; to give life to the iconic triangular bars.

However, Mondelez confirms that this transformation is not going to affect the Toblerone legacy and credibility. Some parts of the Swiss production are moving to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. This helps meet labour costs as the standard of living is relatively lower here; in comparison to a luxurious and expensive Switzerland.

Credit: People | Toblerone bars with the iconic ‘Matterhorn peak’ on packaging.
This is also certain to affect the packaging; because 35- and 50-gram bars production are moving production to Slovakia. Whereas the larger, 100-gram bars are continuing production in the Swiss capital, Bern.

Mondelez confirms that there are some interesting investments at the Bern factory to look out for; in order to boost the production of 100-gram bars by 90 million a year.

The changes are occuring later this year, in an effort to strengthen the Toblerone brand in future.

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