British-born designer Christian Cowan is going viral again with his latest collection. The designer’s brand-new Teletubbies collaboration is the latest hype on social media, and it’s sending people into a frenzy.

Christian Cowan, Teletubbies collaboration | Credit: Christian Cowan

Central Saint Martin alumni Christian Cowan drops a new capsule collection. It draws inspiration from the hit children’s tv show, “Teletubbies”, in a series of unique standout looks.

Taking Cues from the Show

Christian Cowan, Teletubbies collaboration | Credit: Christian Cowan

Theis capsule collection clearly takes its cues from the famous children’s series. Leading the collection is a pair of green heels; portraying the green character, Dipsy. The pair features a patent green leather interior on this pair of heavily stylised heels; with green wool lining. The upper of the Cowan boot features the supernatural Dipsy, with its hands peeking out from above.

Elsewhere the capsule collection features T-shirts, hoodies, denim jackets and jeans featuring Teletubbies iconography and graphics. In the camping material, Tinky-Winky hugs one of the models. Laa-Laa is dancing with another. Poe and a male model pose together in the back of a denim trucker jacket, and Dipsy is advocating for jeans.

Christian Cowan, Teletubbies collaboration | Credit: Christian Cowan

Speaking about the collection in an Instagram brief the designer says,

“When deciding what our next collaboration would be, we were throwing around lots of pop culture icons, and then it struck us, let’s do the icons. We treated Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinkey-Winkey like the legends they are, shot in an Avedon-esque style, these garments tell the story of our four legendary characters, who have come to step on everyone’s necks and have autographed these pieces for their adoring fans.”

Christian Cowan is Redefining Style

By the time that New York’s Christian Cowan graduated from Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, he had already made his mark on the fashion world. Since then, he has dressed Naomi Campbell, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.

Christian Cowan, Teletubbies collaboration | Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

In a world of glitz, glam, and glitter, luxury designer Cowan is defining fashion differently. Cowan’s presentations literally take over the catwalk every time he shows.

His clothes – which often cross the line between racy and luxurious, are always ready to party. The colourful creative consistently proves his natural design abilities are full to the brim thru his dazzling runway shows, and quintessential red-carpet pieces.

Shop the full collection here.

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