Each piece is a captivating work of art, designed to transport the wearer to a world of imagination and magic. The collection is not only a celebration of the iconic Disney characters but also showcases CAMILLA’s commitment to artisanal craftsmanship.

Credit: Camilla

CAMILLA x Disney is here! And what a treat for lovers of the Camilla Franks aesthetic: an artisanal blend of bohemia and luxury. Each piece is made using traditional techniques such as hand beading and embroidery, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly the same. CAMILLA founder and designer, Camilla Franks, says, “This collaboration is a ‘pinch me’ moment. It’s the kind of thing you dream about but don’t truly expect to happen! I’ve always loved Disney.”

CAMILLA x Disney: A Closer Look

Overall, the collection is a celebration of our favourite childhood icons. It revives the playful and mischievous Mickey and his ever-stylish sweetheart, Minnie. It’s about nostalgia. That feeling of joy, wonder and innocence that we all felt when we first met these characters.

Credit: Camilla

It’s about love – the enduring love that Mickey and Minnie have for each other, and the love that they inspire in us. The “Mickey’s Revival” print features a bold and graphic interpretation of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, with pops of camouflage and neon.

Credit: Camilla

From the “Mickey Takes a Vacation” poster, Camilla produces a gold filigree Mickey head, complete with glittering CAMILLA crystals. There’s an old-school Mickey with his initial catchphrase, “Hello Folks.”

The Minnie Mouse-inspired patterns, of course, are wonderfully feminine, climbing with fairytale vines, whimsical gold lattice, distinctive Minnie polka dots, bows, hearts, and stars.

Credit: Camilla

The iconic CAMILLA animal design is updated with vintage poster graphics and flowery Minnie heads. There are three menswear-exclusive designs. These combine Walt Disney’s illustrations of Mickey Mouse in black, white, and gold to move up to the graffiti style; an aesthetic that is synonymous with the CAMILLA brand.

A Little bit of Magic

And it’s about creativity – the bold, vibrant and sometimes whimsical designs that CAMILLA is known for, that pay tribute to the original illustrators and the magic they created.

Camilla Franks explains that,

“These stories encouraged me to believe in magic and follow my dreams. Each one was a call to adventure, a promise that anything was possible. In many ways, they planted the seed for the future fairytale world of CAMILLA I’m so fortunate to now play in every day. Storytelling is at the heart of everything CAMILLA does. And to that we stayed most true.”

The CAMILLA x Disney collection is more than just fashion – it’s a celebration of the timeless magic and wonder that is Disney, and the joy that it brings to people of all ages.

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