In 2018, Stephanie Devine launched “The Very Good Bra”, a line of compostable bras. Her proposal for a technical specification for compostable textiles has just been approved by Standards Australia.

Credit: Good Design

Australia throws out nearly 227,000 tonnes of textiles to landfill every year. This produces toxins and micro-plastics that invade our natural environment.

However, sustainable practices in fashion has the capacity to reduce this load.

The Very Good Bra uses completely natural materials; no polyester thread, nylon labels, synthetic elastic, or spandex. The dyes are organic and the metal clasps are easily removable. The bras are delivered in compostable or recyclable packaging.

Devine says to:

“Feel free to bury this stuff in the garden after use or place in your worm farm.”

Sustainable Bras Set Environmental Standards

The founder worked with sustainability experts and academics to develop a proposal for the technical specification of compostable textiles . After a public consultation period, Standards Australia approved it. Furthermore, they said it was the most supported project they have seen yet.

Courtney Holm, of fashion brand A.BCH, said:

“We don’t need any major technology breakthroughs to compost textiles…we don’t need heaps of investment or infrastructure.”

Stephanie Devine | The Very Good Bra

In 2020, The Very Good Bra won Best In Class For Fashion Impact at the Good Design Awards. In 2021, the company won the inaugural Circle Award for Fashion.

By 2022, Devine’s brand became a B Corp. B Corps is a collective of over 3000 businesses across 71 countries. It focuses on creating positive impacts for employees, economies, communities, and the environment.

Devine proves to the world that compostable textiles can make a tangible difference to the environment.

For every order, The Very Good Bra donates $1 to an organisation of the purchaser’s choice.

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