YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, otherwise known as MrBeast, draws eyes with his newest video. Said video has MrBeast and his friends embark to try out some of the best kinds of plane travel. 

The six aircraft that Donaldson and his group fly on – Credit: MrBeast


In this week’s top-trending Youtube clip, MrBeast takes to the skies, not just once, but six times. Accompanied by his friends/co-workers, they set off on some of the most memorable plane trips ever seen. During their travels, they make sure to enjoy every perk that they come across and share their opinions on whether or not the difference in price was worth it.

It starts with Donaldson going on the cheapest airborne transport money can buy: a small, two-seat plane that costs $1. Following this, the luxuries and the prices begin to rise dramatically. The group enjoy luxurious comfort aboard two first-class commercial trips that each cost $10,000 and $25,000. Following that is a blimp ride over Daytona 500 that racks up an astonishing $300,000. Before it could be described as lavish, now it is simply extravagant. Donaldson and his friends get to experience some of the greatest joys that can be found aboard a pair of private jets that each cost $100,000 and $500,000. 

To put it in his words:

“We’re gonna fly on this jet that cost half a million dollars per flight, and we’re also gonna fly on a $25,000 private jet, a $10,000 first-class seat, a blimp and so much more.”

Donaldson and his group aboard a $100,000 private plane – Credit: MrBeast

Why is this video trending?

This video’s popularity stems from how it appeals to audiences, amassing over 80 million views and 100,000 comments. MrBeast bases his videos around expensive, humorous undertakings that appeal to a number of viewers. Some of his videos include tasks like I Brought Everything In 5 Stores, Would You Swim With Sharks for $100,000 and I Donated $300,000 To People In Need. Furthermore, the fact that his stunts are in response to requests from his fans can be credited as a reason behind the success of his channel. This shows that challenge videos are highly popular amongst YouTubers. He also gives money and other prizes to his followers which wouldn’t hurt his popularity. 

Overall, it is unlikely this will be MrBeast’s last video to make most popular YouTube video of the week.

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