This week’s drop list features Drake’s new single, Dunkin’ Donut sneakers, a FIFA World Cup 2022 photo book, Aēsop’s new Eau de Parfum, and OAMC’s NASA collection. 

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 19: Drake performs during Wicked (Spelhouse Homecoming Concert) Featuring 21 Savage at Forbes Arena at Morehouse College on October 19, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)
Credit: Rolling Stone

Read on to discover the best new releases of the week!

Dunkin’ Donuts Commission new Nike Dunks and Jordans

In anticipation of the new movie Air (now in cinemas), Dunkin’ Donuts commissioned customisers Ant Kai and Chiou to design Dunks and Jordans for the film’s promotional events.

Credit: High Snobiety

Ant Kai’s “What the Dunkin” is a funky pair of Nike Dunk Lows made up of colours associated with Dunkin’s donuts and coffees.

KicksFinder on Twitter: "Nike “Air Dunkin” & “What The Dunkin” ????☕️????✨ Which pair do you prefer? ???? ???? IG: andu.c; ant.kai" / Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Chiou’s “Air Dunkin” features pink Nike swoosh, dripping with icing, and an opposing brown suede swoosh on the other side. The different swirling shades of brown mimic cream being stirred into a coffee.

The designers’ created shoes that can be easily identified with Dunkins’, demonstrating their impressive ability to reflect a brand’s image in a product. Sadly, these are custom sneakers, not an official Nike collaboration.

Drake Drops More Shade on Kanye in Latest Single

drake kim kardashian kris jenner song single search & rescue kanye west dennis graham music hip hop rap

Drake finally released his first single of the year, “Search and Rescue”. The song notably samples a piece of dialogue between Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner regarding Kim’s split from Kanye West.

The conversation originally featured in Keeping Up With The Kardashians:

“I didn’t come this far, just to come this far and not be happy”.

“Okay, that’s fair”, replied Kris.

“Yep, I saw it on the Internet”, Kardashian adds.

For years now the ongoing conflict between Drake and Kanye has thrived on Twitter and in the star rappers’ music. Being one of the most followed celebrity rifts of the century, this new song is just one more piece of evidence to add to the list.

You can listen to a preview of the song here:

Peregrin Encapsulates 2022 FIFA World Cup in Photo Book

Peregrin Chaos, Tears and Joy 2022 FIFA World Cup

Design Studio Peregrin released a photo book named “Chaos, Tears and Joy” to document the most recent Men’s FIFA World Cup.

Despite the controversies of its location – Doha, Qatar, the games were just as popular and enthralling as any other.

Peregrin Chaos, Tears and Joy 2022 FIFA World Cup

Interestingly, the designers chose to present the photos as entirely black and white. Rather than depicting the different coloured flags or team uniforms, they instead emphasised:

“the raw emotion in each photograph and the shared experience of being a football fan, not about individual teams”.

Furthermore, the book does not use page numbers, but instead utilises a match clock in the corner of each page.

Co-founder of Peregrin, Tom Watkins says:

“If you don’t like football, here’s your chance to experience the tournament without having to watch any of the games and maybe understand what all the fuss is about”.

You can purchase the hardcover here.

OAMC releases luxury line of NASA clothing

OAMC's $2k NASA Bomber Is Peak Spacewear
Credit: High Snobiety

Founded in 2014 as Overall Mastercloth, the new OAMC has shifted from workwear fundamentals to luxury pieces.

The pieces still possess functionality, including its latest NASA collection, which includes hoodies, caps and a bomber jacket. The garments are produced exclusively in Italy and Japan, using expensive textiles such as matte interlock nylon and washed nylon gabardine.

OAMC's $2k NASA Bomber Is Peak Spacewear
Credit: High Snobiety

For this reason, the clothing prices range from $400 USD to $2150 USD.

This is however not a collaboration with NASA. Anyone can submit a request to to the space company to use its imagery as prints, embroidery or patches.

Buy now here.

Aēsop Releases Enchanting New Eau De Parfum

Aesop Gloam Eau De Parfum Release Info

Aēsop has unleashed its ninth Eau De Parfum fragrance, “Gloam”.

Collaborating with Barnabé Fillion, “Gloam” is inspired by “the body position of vertically lying down and feeling both the force of gravity and a lightness of the spirit” simultaneously.

The fragrance uses a range of spices and floral scents, including sandalwood, rose, orange flower, and narcissus. It comes in an amber glass bottle, with packaging that features the art of painter Jack Coulter.

You can purchase the perfume from April 11 here.

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