Nintendo and Universal Studios’ “Super Mario Bros. Movie” has accomplished a significant milestone in the entertainment industry. In just 26 days of its release, it has crossed the $1 billion USD mark, becoming the first movie of 2023 to reach this record-breaking feat.

Credit: Wired

The movie’s success is a result of the creative vision and hard work of the filmmakers and cast. Moreover, the movie’s launch in Japan and Korea has further propelled its revenue to new heights. The film grossed a total of $490 million USD in North America and $532 million USD internationally.

“Super Mario Bros. Movie” is the fifth film during the pandemic era to join the exclusive $1 billion USD club. Following in the footsteps of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Jurassic World Dominion,” and “Avatar: The Way of Water.” Within the first five days of its release, the movie raked in $204 million USD. Setting it on a course to become the highest-grossing film of 2023 and the highest-earning video game-based movie ever.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie (1993)

The previous attempt to adapt “Super Mario Bros.” into a live-action movie in 1993 was an unmitigated disaster. Which is what makes the success of the latest movie all the more impressive. The filmmakers behind the 1993 movie had a difficult time bringing the beloved video game characters to life on the big screen. With issues ranging from constant rewrites and disagreements among the team to budget overruns. The final product was a convoluted mess. Not only did it fail to capture the magic of the game but was complete with subpar special effects and bizarre character interpretations.

Given the failure of the previous movie, many were skeptical when Nintendo and Illumination announced plans for a new “Super Mario Bros.” movie. But the filmmakers took great care to stay true to the source material. They created a movie that not only honours the game’s legacy but also stands on its own as a great piece of entertainment. The success of the latest movie is a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication and the enduring popularity of the franchise.

Nintendo and Illumination, the production companies behind the movie, have expressed their delight at the film’s success and are already hinting at possible future projects. However, for now, their attention is focused on the global success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie in cinemas around the world.

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