Ibrahim Kamara, the new creative director of Off-White, has made his mark with the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection. Since taking over from Virgil Abloh nearly a year ago, Kamara has now presented his first full show. He showcases a range of bold, graphic pieces that fuse streetwear and high fashion.

Credit: Highsnobiety

The Off-White Autumn/Winter 2023 collection features a range of statement pieces. The colour palette is predominantly black and white, with light blues and dusty oranges. Kamara draws inspiration from his humble upbringing in Gambia. The infusion of hues inspired by rusted, rain-beaten corrugated roofs, coupled with the innovative reimagining of West African patterns, conjures a singularly unique vision of ancient civilisations. In playing upon this motif, many of the garments displayed a distressed and worn-in style. 


Undeniably, silver hoops emerge as a ubiquitous detail across the collection. They creatively adorned cornrows, functioned as grommets on various garments, and added a distinct sci-fi essence to the overall aesthetic. As a result, the collection’s accessories were creatively designed and caught the eye.

The bracelets resembled tiny wheels taken from a space junkyard, and the bulky, spherical earrings gave the models an unusual, alien-like silhouette. Utilitarian seatbelt-style buckles adorned the belts, and the shoes featured stylish gold caps. The sunglasses took inspiration from Daft Punk robots and sported four lenses, while a silver dress with sculpted lines accentuated the body’s contours. Additionally, varsity jackets received a unique space-themed touch that made them stand out.

As the show neared its end, clothes that resembled space suits made their way down the runway. One particularly striking fiery red suit featured zippers, D loops, and cargo pockets, with a cutout back revealing scales on the skin. Eventually, Supermodel Naomi Campbell graced the show with her signature regal walk, wearing a dress with a collar that seemed to be missing its space helmet. She also walked in one of the final looks: a relaxed black dress with a frontal zipper closure.

All things considered, the Off-White A/W 2023 collection impresses with bold designs and unique accessories. We look forward to seeing Ibrahim Kamara’s future in this role.

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