“Gucci Cosmos” is currently showing in Shanghai, marking a huge moment for the famous Italian luxury label.

The Duomo | Credit: Artnet

Gucci Cosmos is a brand-new exhibit that looks at Gucci’s enduring principles and design ethos. The result? A show that shows us the impact of its most famous designs on society, over the course of a century.

It’s only the start of the post-Alessandro Michele era. And every Gucci fanatic is keenly awaiting the debut of Gucci’s next creative director, Sabato de Sarno; the former Valentino fashion director is set to take the helm in September.

Gucci seems to be embracing the limbo of being between designers. And since Michele’s exit from the label, Gucci is going from strength to strength.

“Gucci Archetypes” was a farewell exhibit, showing us Michele’s vision for Gucci. Is “Gucci Cosmos” a clue to what’s next for the famous Italian luxury house?

Gucci Cosmos: Borrows Ideas from History

Credit: Artnet

“Gucci Cosmos” does not rely on the fame and influence of its superstar designers. Instead, it takes its inspiration from the brand’s rich 102-year history; and the idea of using products as artefacts.

The collection of accessories on display is a great way to explain Gucci’s design language to its viewers. The display includes a range of technology such as conveyor belts, projections, and a range of gadgets. The setting itself looks like the inside of a cutting-edge science museum, with a focus on high-end fashion. The result is a truly unique and modern take on fashion meets technology.

The exhibit’s concept and design come from British contemporary artist Es Devlin. And Italian fashion theorist Maria Luisa Frisa is the project curator.

“Gucci and its history over the past century can be mapped through an ability to evolve and expand on the mutability of our own consciousness, as well as its ability to make cognitive shifts,” says Devlin.

Curation and Design

The curation and design of “Gucci Cosmos” are perfectly in sync. And above all, each gallery uses an array of items, lights, and music to weave a story. This demonstrates the synergy of Frisa and Devlin’s creative collaboration.

Eight rotating doors welcome visitors, recalling the founder of the company’s time working as a porter at London’s Savoy Hotel. This is where attendees take a journey through remote locations, spanning decades. First, we see a revolving display of bags from the 1920s to the present. the room pays respect to the brand’s equestrian roots. This includes its recognisable horse-bit emblem, which is imprinted on silk scarves and adorns leather wallets and shoes.

A silk mini dress from 1969 and Michele’s iconic denim jacket featuring the Gucci slogan “L’Aveugle Par Amour” is just one of an array of iconic garments on display in the third room of the exhibition. The theme of which, draws inspiration from the classic Gucci pattern Flora.

This foray into the Gucci universe runs from 28th April to 25th June 2023. For more information, visit Gucci.

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