On May 9th, at the Paramount Studios in LA, Chanel holds an extraordinary event for their Cruise 2023 show. The show celebrates LA’s surfers, peace-loving hippies from the ’60s, disco roller skaters of the ’70s, and aerobics enthusiasts of the ’80s.

Credit: CNN

The venue choice is a colossal roller rink, including a scoreboard that announces models like players on a starting lineup. The show kicks off with Anna Sewers and Vittoria Ceretti. The two look fabulous in black activewear and leg warmers, wedge sneakers, and blowouts. Of course, their outfits perfectly capture the essence of the aerobics era.

A Modern Twist

Credit: The Seattle Times

As the show progressed, the collection became more vibrant and eye-catching. Chanel went all out to present their latest collection, incorporating a modern twist to their classic codes. Using rhinestones, sequins, and lively colour combinations that were beyond their usual monochromatic palette. Richly detailed tweeds, lurex bodysuits, and casual shorts in neon-bright prints, ombré metallics, and pastels made an appearance. Many accessories added to the show’s allure. In particular, light-up block heels, stacks of gold necklaces and bangles, and bright ombre bags.

In contrast, it was only towards the end that the typical Hollywood blacks and gold made an appearance.

A Stunning Range

The collection is truly unique and original. The stunning range of designs have been carefully crafted to showcase a remix of Chanel’s signature style.

Imagined by Virginie Viard in sunset pastels and flamboyant hues, the collection goes hand in hand with the fantasy of far away voyages and an effortless allure.

As can be seen on Chanel’s page, the collection draws inspiration from California’s wellness culture, outdoor sports, and the golden age of Hollywood cinema.

Done by Virginie Viard using sunset pastels and flamboyant hues. Viard has undeniably taken the creative reins in 2019, embracing femininity and softening the Chanel woman.

Who makes an Appearance?

Among the attendees were notable names such as Kristen Stewart, Sofia Coppola, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lil Nas X, Issa Rae, and Marion Cotillard. Long-time Chanel Ambassador Margot Robbie sat in the front row. She wears flared jeans, a chain-link Chanel vest, and a bikini top. With this pink, feminine, 80’s “Barbiecore” collection, we can only wonder which looks Robbie will feature as she continues promoting her upcoming movie.

To conclude the night, Snoop Dogg took over the stage at the after-party. What once was the runway opened up to become an active roller rink. Professional roller skaters flooded the rink as they encouraged the audience to join in.

The Chanel Cruise 2023 show was a remarkable event that showcased the brand’s signature codes with a modern twist. Done beautifully, the collection’s theme of nostalgia and optimism paid tribute to LA’s rich history and culture. It was a unique night to remember.

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