Common Hours unveiled their inaugural runway show at the former Simpsons Hotel in Potts Point, Sydney. This event catered to the neo-punk and nocturnal aesthetics, offering a sneak peek to the public just five days before the start of AAFW. The timing of the show effectively underscored the brand’s rebellious nature.

Credit: Vogue

Amber Symond, the visionary behind Common Hours, meticulously organised the show. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and indulgent atmosphere that permeates Sydney’s nightlife. Reflecting her personal history, the collection was named ‘AlleyCat,’ paying homage to her parents’ wine bar that thrived during the ’70s and ’80s.

The garments showcased slim-cut silhouettes, employing delicate lace and silks that gracefully draped over the body. The halter-neck catsuits and bias-cut gowns, in particular, adorned the models like a second skin, accentuating their forms. The flawless fit of the gowns is what made them truly stand out.

Credit: Common Hours

The colour palette predominantly featured shades of black, maroon, and blues, evoking an aura of nocturnal allure. However, the collection also included robust and weighty robe-like dresses and outerwear, showcasing the theme of baring all or nothing.

Common Hours’ Resort 2024 collection garnered widespread acclaim, with critics praising its distinctive fusion of punk-inspired fashion and opulent embellishments. This unique blend undoubtedly captivated fashion enthusiasts and further solidified the brand’s position within the industry.

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