The life of Royal Families is always a subject of curiosity for the people. When the royals step out in a new outfit, the world’s eyes are on them. The royals are not only a huge inspiration behind the sale of clothes and accessories across the world. They are also global trendsetters.

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More often than not, there is one designer favourite designer amongst the royal family. After the appointment of the Royal Glovemaker to Queen Elizabeth II in 1978, British accessories brand Cornelia James is seen on Her Majesty’s hands at numerous events and public appearances. The Queen was always very particular in the choice of gloves.

London-based fashion brand Erdem is a favourite among the younger members of the royal family, especially Meghan and Kate. Both royal beauties are often wearing designer Erdem clothes.

A Sense of Style

Meghan is always one to create a fashion frenzy among the people. Since the beginning of her royal life with Prince Harry, she has been under close watch. It’s her sense of style that pumps $210 million into the British economy alone, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s called the Meghan effect. And her influence on the people proves itself time and time again; every item worn by the Duchess goes out of stock almost immediately.

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She’s not the only one to create adorable fashion. Her sister-in-law and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s dressing sense mirrors that of her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diana. which has always been appreciated.

The People’s Princess

History is witness to the fact that Princess Diana still rules the hearts of people with her dress sense. Princess Diana’s revenge dress is arguably one of the most iconic outfits in recent history. The figure-skimming black number was worn by Diana on the same night that a tell-all documentary aired in which Prince Charles confessed that he had, in fact, had an affair during their marriage.

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Mary Donaldson was a typical tassie girl working as a real estate agent. But in a surprising twist of life usually reserved only for fictional fairy tales, Mary became a real-life princess.

Today, Crown Princess Mary’s fashion sensibilities with simplicity and royal touch attract people towards her without any reason.

She swapped loose denim jeans for tailored trousers and has built an incredible collection of frocks and evening gowns in the decades since she became a royal.

Crown Princess Mary made a slight modification to one of her most iconic gowns by shortening it. It’s a red lace gown; a midi-dress by Australian designer Collette Dinnigan.

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This change makes the gown more fitting, allowing for a more form-fitting look. Princess Mary often dresses in this way, showing her fashion awareness and sensibility. This assists in defining her royal status in a new way.

A Subject of Royal Curiosity

Royal style and dress have always been a subject of curiosity, but it apparently began under the royal influence in 1863 when Princess Alexandra married Prince Albert Edward, the eldest son of Queen Victoria, her independent style made her a popular fashion icon among the women of that time. Alexandra was the first woman in British public life to favour tailored looks for daytime.

Royal women continued to influence fashion in the 20th century. The late Princess Margaret was more open about fashion and, as a result, she gained more fame as a fashionable personality than as a monarchy. Christian Dior described Princess Margaret as “a real fairy princess, delicate, graceful, exquisite”.

Now when internet and social media have become a mature medium, through which all royal and common men have started connecting. This will be taking the fashion influence of the modern monarchy to the next level.

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