The music industry has recently been plagued by a series of incidents involving artificial intelligence. Since the ostensibly rapid introduction of AI, musicians and artists are publicly opposing its use. The latest to do so is “Today Was A Good Day” emceece Ice Cube.

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Ice Cube is the most recent in a series of musicians that are speaking out against the potential risks associated with AI and its impact on the industry.

Recently, the “Check Yo Self” rapper expressed his contempt for AI-generated music in an interview with Full Send. He even suggests that he is willing to litigate over his image.

When asked what he thought of the newly popular AI-generated single “Heart On My Sleeve,” (which looks to imitate the work of Toronto musicians Drake and The Weeknd), the MC explains that, ”I don’t wanna hear an AI Drake song. Yeah. I don’t wanna hear that bullshit. He should sue whoever made it.”

When the host makes a joke that “A.I.’s coming for you, too,” Cube insisted that a lawsuit would follow. “Yeah, and I’m a sue the muthaf**ka who made it and the people and the platform who play it. It’s like a sample. Somebody can’t take your original voice and manipulate it without having to pay…I think A.I. is demonic [and] I think A.I. is going to get a backlash from organic people.”

Concerning legal action, Ice Cube is adamant that if somebody creates an AI-generated voice of him, he will file a lawsuit. He made the following statement:

“Imma sue the motherf***a who made it as well as the people and the platform who play it.”

Going on to say that,

“It’s just like getting a sample. Nobody will be able to steal your authentic voice and change it without first paying for the privilege…I believe that artificial intelligence is demonic, and I also believe that biological humans are going to rebel against AI”.

Watch the whole interview below:

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