Ikuntji Artists have presented a solo exhibition at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. This remarkable occasion not only signifies a historic milestone for the art and fashion world but also serves as a testament to the community.

Credit: National Indigenous Times

The show was a collaborative endeavour that showcased the talents and indigenous cultures of the remote community in Haasts Bluff, Central Australia. Through this platform, Ikuntji Artists actively empowered and garnered recognition for themselves within and beyond their community.

The designers passionately celebrated culture and traditions from the inception of the designs to the final display on the runway. Consistently reflecting a profound sense of artistry through the medium of fashion.

The Runway

The runway’s set design featured a striking blend of red desert sand and the vibrant hues of seasonal flora sourced from the Western Desert. With both blooming gum trees and kangaroo grass in the background creating a visually breathtaking backdrop.

With both male and female designs there were a range of bold colours and striking patterns. Some of the prints represent waterholes that all connect up when viewed from the sky. Each piece was infused with a deep sense of personal and ancestral Tjukurrpa (dreaming) as artists used their heritage for inspiration.

Credit: Casper Magazine

“The collection’s main function is to inspire people to connect with the art and to purchase fabric to create garments or homeware of their own”, Ikuntji Artists manager Doctor Chrischona Schmidt

As the end of the show neared, models stood at the edge of the runway. Meanwhile, proud Elders made their way down, eliciting thunderous applause and a well-deserved standing ovation. This powerful moment left an impression on all who witnessed it firsthand.

So far we’ve seen by numerous well known names embracing the brand. For example, singer Jessica Mauboy, model Sené Maluwapi, and TV presenter Bianca Hunt in Ikuntji Artists designs.

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