On Monday last week, Sydney was graced with the highly anticipated premiere of Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Disney’s beloved “The Little Mermaid.” This live-action rendition transported audiences to a realm of wonder and nostalgia.

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The Event

Eager fans gathered at the iconic State Theatre, their eyes drawn to the blue carpet, in hopes of catching a glimpse of their favourite stars. The director himself, Rob Marshall, along with the immensely talented Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy, graced the event with their presence.

As the lines snaked around the block, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation. Marshall, Bailey, and McCarthy took the stage before the film’s commencement, treating attendees to a captivating discussion. They animatedly shared intriguing insights and fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes, igniting an extra layer of appreciation for the movie in the audience. 

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To further heighten the cinematic experience, guests were treated to popcorn and sushi throughout the screening. As the film began, the audience would erupt with cheers as characters made their entrance to the screen. Excitement and support permeated the theatre, engulfing the audience in a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. The classic hair flip is one of many iconic moments from the original that the audience eagerly awaited in the live-action. To which Disney offers beautiful recreations.

Songs such as “Under the Sea” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls” continue to resonate with hearts young and old. Not only did the film pay homage to the cherished original songs, but it also introduced captivating new compositions, like “Wild Uncharted Waters”.


Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the casting choices has garnered considerable attention over the prior months. Individuals expressed discontent with African American Halle Bailey portraying Ariel. It is our fervent hope that the movie’s reviews will focus on the performance rather. Bailey delivered a wonderful portrayal, exuding the same radiant energy off-screen with soft spoken princess-like interviews.

Following a teaser revealing Ursula’s makeup, members of the drag community have expressed their feelings on the matter. Highlighting their disappointment at the absence of a drag queen in the makeup department. Perceived as an insulting and ignorant choice, considering the character’s significant ties to drag and drag makeup. However, we are yet to hear from any cast members or crew on the matter.

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On a less serious note, some viewers have expressed minor reservations about the portrayal of Flounder. Characterised as chubby and round in the original film, the live action version sees a much more slender fish. Many feel that the loveable character is no longer recognisable. Furthermore, the decision to transform Scuttle from a male seagull to a female raised questions regarding the impact and necessity of this change.

Despite these minor criticisms, “The Little Mermaid” remains an immensely entertaining film that we wholeheartedly recommend. Particularly for those whose childhoods were deeply influenced by the captivating world of Ariel. All in all, this cinematic journey will evoke a delightful wave of nostalgia, transporting audiences to a realm where dreams come true.

Check out the official trailer below:

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