This week we have two brand new series previews for Paul G Robert’s brand new travel series, “80 DAYS”, starting from his home base of Sydney adventurer and Award-winning filmmaker Paul G Roberts, retraces the global footsteps of Phileas Fogg, hero of Jules Verne’s most famous work, “Around the World in 80 Days”.

Credit: Youtube

In “80 DAYS”, Paul Roberts does a deep dive on history, art and culture of the cities he visits, and he captures and records his global adventures for a new 80 Episode TV series.

“My inaugural journey aboard the Orient Express takes the classic route from Paris to Venice, the gateway to the Orient. This breathtaking journey travels through rural French farmlands, past Italian lakes, and Swiss Alpine valleys.”

Explains filmmaker Paul G Roberts.

For most of us, the name Orient Express conjures up images of romance, intrigue, adventure, and even murder. Some romantics say the modern versions of the Orient Express are a far cry from the original that Cookridge lovingly and nostalgically portrays:

“Kings and crooks, millionaires and refugees, big-game hunters and smugglers, prima donnas and courtesans travelled on it; tycoons and financiers clinched their deals across its sumptuous dining tables; diplomats, spies, and revolutionaries on board the train moved secretively to their moments of history.”

But to me, if you were to single out just one entity that encapsulated the old ‘romance of travel’ it’s got to be the Orient Express.

80DAYS is No Small Feat

Making an Award-winning film is no small feat. Roberts has no less than 16 Best Picture wins from major international Film festivals. Usually, it takes a great story, a team of highly skilled artisans. Writers, producers, a great director, editors, actors and usually a pile of money.

And even then it takes a decent amount of luck and a lot of dedication for it to realise the promise it had on paper. There are a million things that can derail the project. The degree of difficulty is amplified many times over when it has ambitions to become a series. But for one person to attempt to do all of this solo, is for most experts just insanity.

Roberts explains that “Sydney’s history is something of a paradox. Many from the old cities of Europe could see it a bright shiny new city on the very edge of the world. On one level it’s true, Sydney’s only 250 years old. But on the other hand it’s ancient.”

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